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Puerto Rico (USA)

Afro-Puerto Ricans / AfroBorinquen (Puerto Rico)        (racial gp – present) LANGUAGE (Afro Antillian)


Argentinians in Puerto Rico [Argentina] (Puerto Rico)  (national gp – present)


Aymaco Taino of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)        (ethnic gp – present)                        LANGUAGE                        LANGUAGE                                LANGUAGE


Corsicans in Puerto Rico [France] (Puerto Rico)       (ethnic gp – present)


Dominicans in Puerto Rico [Dominican Rep] (Puerto Rico)  (national gp – present)


Dutch in Puerto Rico [Netherlands] (Puerto Rico)  (national gp – present)


French in Puerto Rico [France] (Puerto Rico)   (national gp – present)


Jatibonicu Taino of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)  (ethnic gp – present)


Jews in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)                     (ethno-religious gp – present)


Puerto Ricans / Boricuas (Puerto Rico)           (national gp – present)  SECESSION                    SECESSION


Puerto Ricans in Japan (Japan)                           (national gp – present)


Puerto Ricans in America / Boricua (USA)       (national gp – present)