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French Polynesia (France)

Austral of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)   (ethnic gp – present)                LANGUAGE


Chinese in French Polynesia [China] (French Polynesia)  (ethno-national gp – present)


French in French Polynesia [France] (French Polynesia)  (national gp – present)


Gambier / Mangareva of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)  (ethnic gp – present)


Jews in Tahiti (Tahiti)                                       (ethno-religious gp – present)


Marquesas / Marquesan of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)  (ethnic gp – present)                    LANGUAGE                                     LANGUAGE    LANGUAGE                         LANGUAGE                          LANGUAGE


Rapa / Oparo of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)  (ethno-linguistic gp – present)


Rapanui in Tahiti [Easter Island] (French Polynesia)   (ethno-national gp – present)


Tahitians/ Maohi of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)  (ethno-national gp – present)                 LANGUAGE          LANGUAGE (Reo Ma’ohi)                         LANGUAGE                      LANGUAGE                 LANGUAGE  LANGUAGE                  LANGUAGE  SECESSION


Tuamotuan / Pa’Umotu of French Polynesia (French Polynesia)  (ethnic gp – present)                      LANGUAGE


Tahitians in New Caledonia (New Caledonia)   (ethno-national gp – present)


Tahitians in America (USA)                               (ethno-national gp – present)