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Dominican Republic

Chinese in Dominican Republic [China] (Dominican Rep.)  (national gp – present)


Dominicans (Dominican Republic)                                          (national gp – present)             LANGUAGE                                    LANGUAGE       LANGUAGE


Haitians in Dominican Republic [Haiti] (Dominican Republic) (national gp – present)


Japanese in Dominican Republic [Japan] (Dominican Rep.) (national gp – present)


Jews in Dominican Republic (Dominican Rep)                (ethno-religious gp – present)


Samana Creoles [American descent] in Dominican Rep. (Dominican Republic)(ethno-ling gp – pres.)


Dominicans in Canada (Canada)                            (national gp – present)


Dominicans in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)             (national gp – present)


Dominicans in America (USA)                               (national gp – present)