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Afro-Chileans in Chile (Chile)                                (racial gp – present)


Aonikenk of Chile (Chile)                                       (ethno-regional gp – present)  LANGUAGE


Atacameno of Chile (Chile)                                    (ethnic gp – present)$FILE/BP-7.pdf  LANGUAGE


Aymara of Chile (Chile)                                         (ethnic gp – present)                                    +LANGUAGE                                         LANGUAGE                                LANGUAGE


Canadians in Chile [Canada] (Chile)                      (national gp – present)


Chileans (Chile)                                                        (national gp – present)


Colla / Kolla of Chile (Chile)                                  (ethnic gp – present)$FILE/BP-7.pdf


Croatians in Chile [Croatia] (Chile)                      (national gp – present)


Diaguita of Chile (Chile)                                        (ethno-regional gp – present)


Dutch in Chile [Netherlands] (Chile)                    (national gp – present)


French in Chile [France] (Chile)                            (national gp – present)


Germans in Chile [Germany] (Chile)                     (national gp – present)


Greeks in Chile [Greece] (Chile)                             (national gp – present)


Huilliche of Chile (Chile)                                         (ethnic gp – present)


Indians in Chile [India] (Chile)                               (national gp – present)


‘Indigenous Indians’ of Chile (Chile)                    (ethnic gps – present)


Japanese in Chile [Japan] (Chile)                            (national gp – present)


Jews in Chile (Chile)                                                  (ethno-religious gp – present)


Kawesqar of Chile (Chile)                                         (ethnic gp – present)                LANGUAGE$FILE/BP-7.pdf


Mapuche of Chile (Chile)                                        (ethnic gp – present)  LANGUAGE


Pehuenches / Puenches of Chile (Chile)                (ethnic gp – present?)


Quechua / Runa of Chile (Chile)                              (ethnic gp – present)                                   LANGUAGE                                                       LANGUAGE                LANGUAGE                                       LANGUAGE LANGUAGE


Rapanui in Chile [Easter Island] (Chile)              (ethnic gp – present)$FILE/BP-7.pdf


Selk’Nam of Chile (Chile)                                       (ethnic gp – present)    LANGUAGE


Swiss in Chile [Switzerland] (Chile)                      (national gp – present)


Yagan / Yamana of Chile (Chile)                           (ethnic gp – present)$FILE/BP-7.pdf    LANGUAGE


Chileans in Australia (Australia)                            (national gp – present)


Chileans in Belgium (Belgium)                                (national gp – present)


Chileans in Canada (Canada)                                  (national gp – present)


Chileans in Easter Island (Easter Island)             (national gp – present)


Chileans in Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands)    (national gp – present)


Chileans in Netherlands (Netherlands)                (national gp – present)


Chileans in Norway (Norway)                                (national gp – present)


Chileans in Sweden (Sweden)                                (national gp – present)


Chileans in Switzerland (Switzerland)                   (national gp – present)


Chileans in Britain (UK)                                          (national gp – present)


Chileans in America (USA)                                    (national gp – present)


Chileans in Venezuela (Venezuela)                       (national gp – present)


Mapuches in Netherlands (Netherlands)            (ethnic gp – present)