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Yes, it's true, I've been dancing my way to a better fit body.  I have more energy and all of my clothes fit better than they did before.  I'm here to share with you my experience using the Core Rhythm workout videos.

I'm someone who finds riding a stationary bike or using any exercise equipment to drop a few pounds boring as hell.  I've tried watching TV while I'm working out or having my Ipod on to help me keep the momentum up and stay motivated but being stationary while working out is so damn boring to me.

I do understand that there are hundreds of workout videos and I've tried many of them but while doing the workout videos I found myself bored.  I'm not lazy but instead of being bored within minutes of attempting to build up a sweat, most of the videos I've use in the past are focused on targeting specific body areas but there was nothing fun about laying on the floor lifting my leg or doing a sit-up.  Boring!

One night I came across an infomercial explaining what the Core Rhythm workout was all about.  I watched and I liked what I saw and then I went online to research the Core Rhythm workout and decided to purchase the whole package.  I love it because exercising is not as boring as it use to be.  I'm learning dance steps while getting more fit and feel so much better about my body and much more confident with myself.  I turn on the Core Rhythm dvd, start to dance as a form of exercising and time flies by.  I now exercise three times a week for about an hour.  I usually count down the minutes when I focus on exercising but when I'm dancing as a form of exercising I don't think about the time.

If you would like to learn more about the Core Rhythms workout dance exercise dvds, you can do so by visiting their YouTube Channel.  Watching the videos will give you an idea how the dance videos get you in the mood to get moving but you will only have the front view of the dance steps.  I needed to practice the dance routines before I started to move and sweat and I learned how to do the dance steps fast because the dvd offers a back view.  I exercise while the dvd is on back view because I find it so much easier to follow along.