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Jarrah's Story

<html> <head> <style type="text/css"> .fw-widget-cover { position:absolute; } .fw-widget { display:inline; overflow:hidden; } </style> </head> <body><I><FONT size=2> <P><IMG style="PADDING-RIGHT: 5px" src="" align=left border=0>The following is an article sent in about Jarrah, Victoria’s snow and rescue Koolie cross</P> <P>By Amanda Clarke and Justin Hams</P></I> <P>I should start by saying Jarrah is a girl even if she does not act like one most days.</P> <P>We got her in November of 1998 from an Emu farm near Bathenga Weir in the North east of Victoria ( it is just outside of Albury Wodonga.)</P> <P>Her mother is a black Kelpie and dad is a chocolate/caramel koolie, Jarrah is about 15-16 kg.</P> <P>We started to train Jarrah the first winter we had her so she would have been about 7-8 months and she took to it like a duck to water pretty much unstoppable</P> <P>Jarrah became the first resort based alpine search dog in 2001 after becoming certified with the Swiss Disaster Dog Association REDOG for both avalanche and wilderness search and rescue disciplines.</P> <P>But after 3 years of training in Australia, Justin and Jarrah decided that much could be gained by pursuing overseas training with experienced and well established programs.</P> <P>After gaining a position with the Squaw Valley Ski Patrol in Lake Tahoe, California for the 2002/2003 winter, Justin decided much could be gained by taking Jarrah with him to train with the Squaw Valley Avalanche Dog Program. So with the grateful help of our fantastic sponsors, K2 Skis, Mountain Designs, Pedigree and the Falls Creek Resort Management Board, Jarrah boarded a plane and headed for California.</P> <P>Squaw Valley Ski Patrol has an extensive Avalanche program which involves throwing more than 600 hand charged explosives when more than six inches of snow fall in the resort. Because of the steep terrain that the resort boasts, much work must be done to stabilize the ski slopes before the ski slopes can be opened to the public.</P> <P>As part of Squaw Valley’s safety program, the ski patrol also trains 10 dogs as first responders in the event that a member of the public gets caught in an avalanche in the ski area or in the surrounding back country.And these dogs don’t just respond to Avalanches, but also to people who may be missing during large storms, when heavy snow may hamper a human’s ability to search effectively.</P> <P>After spending two North American winters participating in the program, Justin and Jarrah are now recognized as one of the top search teams in the Lake Tahoe Area. Most recently they were involved in a search and rescue attempt at Castle Peak, a popular Tahoe backcountry skiing area, where a man was buried for over two days under four feet of snow. Unfortunately the alarm was raised to late to save the man’s life. However, Justin and Jarrah along with team mates, Will Paden, Squaw’s Avalanche forecaster and his golden retriever, Rassco, assisted local rescue groups in searching for the victim’s body.</P> <P>Justin also organized a Tahoe wide search and rescue course for handlers and their dogs from Kirkwood, Heavenly, Alpine Meadows and Sugarbowl ski resorts. They flew in two of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association handlers. CARDA is one of the most highly recognized avalanche search and rescue dog associations in the world.</P> <P>Justin and Jarrah, along with three other Squaw Valley dogs became the first dogs in the Tahoe area to become CARDA certified search and rescue dogs.</P> <P>Justin is now assistant ski patrol director at Falls Creek and If you would like any further information from Justin or Jarrah, do not hesitate to contact them on 03 57 583 502 or by email at </FONT><FONT size=2><A href=""></A></FONT><FONT size=2>.</P></FONT></body> </html>


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