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I went to the park one day with my wolf just like I always do, I let him off the lead like normal. He loves to play and run with the other dogs. I was standing there talking to a friend when out of no where a rottweiler came running straight towards me starling and showing his teeth. OH NO!  Before my friend and I could run away my wolf came out from no where and grabbed that dog by the collar.  He didn't bite him, just grabbed his collar and started banging his head on the ground until he gave up, much like a person would do. My friend looked at me and said "how'd you teach him that?" I didn't he did that all on his own.

 I love my wolf ! He's my friend!



 I have a wolf, he is my best friend. He loves everyone and just wants to play with me and any one . never showed any aggression to any one, he loves everyone.

One night it was late and I was going to bed I heard a knock at the door. I said yes with the door chained. A man said I broke down and can I please use your phone. She started to take the chain of the door, then her wolf came from behind her and showed his teeth. She looked at the wolf and thought he never dose that. Then she stopped taking the chain off the door and said to the man you have to go to some one else's door .

You have to ponder about what this means to you. Was he going to hurt her? What did her wolf smell about that man?



 A lady told me one day when see gets upset or cries over things her wolf will come up to her and sit down next to her.  Then he just starts crying too with her. He will nuzzle her and lick her. She says it really helps her feel better. It's the comfort and having some one there that really cares for her.

I don't cry alone anymore she said.




There is a lady that has a wolf and one day she was going to town. The wolf was asleep in the back seat and her car broke down on the side of the road. She got out and lifted the hood up.  Just as she was going to call someone a man stopped.  She thought OH good "HELP".  But when the cops showed up they had to pry the wolves  mouth off his butt HA!

HA! yes funny but now without this friend of hers, the wolf, she would of been one of those women you find in a field or on the side of the road dead. She said 2 months later that same wolf kept a man from breaking in to her house. Maybe some day with wolves in peoples home it will make people think twice about doing something wrong. "There maybe a wolf in that home".  You wont see them, may not hear them, but they are out there .








The Cab Ride


Stories We Have Heard From Other Wolf Owners:

Little Red Riding Hood?  Nope, Just the Opposite:

 Here is a true story, a man has a wolf and a 5 year old girl, his neighbor has a pit bull and the wolf and the dog played all the time. One day the dog got out and went after the little girl, the wolf went over and killed the dog before it got the girl. Even though they were friends, when it was necessary he protected the girl. 


Help From A Distance:

A woman that has a wolf was out walking in the neighborhood she was 5 blocks away and her wolf was at home in the back yard inside a 6 foot fenced area.  Two dogs came out of their backyard and were going to attack her, she screamed and got down and covered her head.  She thought they where going to get her, she heard a mauling noise but nothing was touching her so she looked up.  Her wolf had jumped a 6 foot fence, ran 5 blocks and got on those dog before she got hurt.  It took 3 adult men to get him off those dogs, he did not kill the dogs he just kept them off of her.

World Rescue Team:

We also have a wolf on a world wide rescue team.  The last we heard she had 42 rescues under her belt. 

Stories by Blackjack

Hello, Pack!  It's been only a few days since I met my new Alpha Female, but it's been quite a ride, and I thought I'd share a little of it with you every now and again.

Wow.  Changes.  Who knew so many could come so quickly, especially in my laid-back life?  Within just a few hours, I went from a really large of wolfpeople and humans to a pack of two: me and my new alpha.  I think she liked me but had some learning to do.  (If the truth be told, we both had and still have some to do, but don't tell her I said that, okay?)

The first afternoon was a little rough on us both.  She was preoccupied, and I had a little trouble getting her to understand a few basics, but she adapted fairly well and gave me easy access to the chair floor with the window  AND the other area with more paw room and even a bed for me.  It was a little high for me at first, but I finally got her to help me up onto that long, comfy pad thing eventually.  Boy, is that so much better than the floor, though I do occasionally curl up down there again to keep her company up front a little.

Alpha Human Female tells me that I was born in Texas, and since I picked her, we've been to other parts of Texas (through someplaced called Dallas) and through Arkansas, Tennessee, and are now sitting around this day she calls Sunday in the place called Virginia.  We've not done a lot today except lie around mostly.  She wanted to play earlier, so we wrestled a bit, though I'm not quite sure what's she telling me yet, but I've discovered I really, really, REALLY like those toy thingies that try to baby-howl when I nip them.  I think AHF calls them something like "squeaky toys" or something.  They remind me of the new baby cubs when they're really, really young or something.  I especially like the little yellow one called a ball.  I can chomp on them, have them squeak back at me, and I toss my head back and forth then throw them.  What's really cool is that I seem to be training my AHF to fetch when I do that!  She doesn't always understand, though, and I have to go get it myself.  Don't worry!  I'll teach her soon enough!  She's wanted to go for walks several times today already, and that's fine with me.  I, of course, take full advantage of it most of the time.  (Never said I was stupid!)  She wanted a little more range than the short leash I provided her at first, and when she went to the pet store the other day, she picked up a 50-foot lead for herself.  I was able to let her use that once so far, and boy, did she like the mobility!  Oh, yeah, that was a good idea!

I've had to be really blatant about telling her I want back in the moving house.  I've jumped up on her and practically pulled her by her leash to get back there.  I jumped out of it the first time the door open, and thank goodness my alfa human female was able to grab onto my collar and followed me to the ground.  I have no idea where she would have wandered by herself, because I'd not been able to get the leash around her wrist, and she could well have run off, darn it!  Doesn't she know it's not safe without me around?  At least she's learning that, too.  She positions herself differently when that door thingy opens, and I've learned she has time to prepare herself if I stand there and dance around.  I know she was startled the first time, so now I wait to give her assurance and let her lift me down after attaching herself to my collar.  (I make her think I'm afraid of the height, but hey, if it makes her feel better, I'll act the part.  I'm a wolf, after all.)

I think she likes it when I listen to her read aloud.  At first, I think she felt a little awkward about it.  I can see that, I think.  I'm lying on my side, trying like heck to either amuse myself with a toy, a stick I wanted to chew on and convinced her to bring along one day, or just take a nap; no one can see that I'm going along with this, and humans might think she's flipped her lid or something...whatever that is.

Well, Pack, I'm getting tired of tapping all this out, one key at a time.  Typing is hard when you don't have opposing thumbs.

I'm doing pretty well overall, but I just scratch my ears wondering what the heck "Texas," "Arkansas," "Tennessee," and "Virginia" are.

Fourteen weeks old tomorrow!  I wonder if I can get AHF to give me another rawhide chew.  Those are pretty darned good.

Waggin' my tail,


P.S.  Alpha Human Female says it's okay if you want to share my tale (I snicker, 'cause I want to type 'tail') as it progresses.  When she set up this address for me, she says it's allllllllll mine!  She also says when she remembers where the heck she put her camera, she'll send pictures, too.  But I don't know what those are yet either.

The Storm

They were together in the House.
Just the two of them. It was a cold, dark, stormy night. The storm had come quickly
and each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump.
She looked across the room and admired his strong
appearance...and wished that he would take her in his
arms, comfort her and protect her from the storm.
Suddenly, with a pop, the power went out... She screamed...
He raced to the sofa where she was cowering.
He didn't hesitate to pull her into his arms.
He knew this was a forbidden union and expected her to pull back.
He was surprised when she didn't resist but instead clung to him.
The storm
raged on...They knew it was wrong...Their families would never understand..... So consumed werethey in their FEAR that they heard no opening of doors...just the faint click of a camera......

Now that you have smiled today,
won't you please help someone else?  






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