Grandparent Friend Schedule 


 We are SO EXCITED to have our Grandparent Friends with us for Fall and Spring Semesters! They are part of a USU Service Group called "Friends of the Elderly". This is the start of their  4th year at the Williamsburg Retirement Community.

 We are so lucky to have such great USU friends!


 All activities start at 6:15pm at the Williamsburg Retirement Community, located at 132 West 300 North (West of the Police Station, Post Office and Library.) We meet on the 2nd Floor in the Activity Room! It's Always a fun time!

If you would like to "adopt" a Grandfriend. Please talk to me and we can schedule and interview and assign a Grandfriend.

Its a fun and rewarding experience!




Williamsburg Retirement Community

132 West 300 North         Logan, Utah 84321           435-753-5502

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