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 Wow, another year down, last week of school. I'm moving on to another school next week. 

It's been fun at Valle Verde, but Holbrook was the place for me. I was there befor it closed years ago.

I'm only four houses away. And I'm excited to say I now have 30 years in with the school district. 




5/4/17 , Wow, time is flying by this week I caught bird in the M.U room, and released it after lunch in front of a first grade class. Mcleans class. It was a brown towhee.  Today caught a blue belly lizard and put in child care garden.







 Wow, times flying by. I've donated

$20.00 to Valle Verde

$20.00 to Wren Ave

 and $20.00 to Gregory Gardens Ele. 

Not much as far as book sales last year, but, will pick up some day.








 5/21/16,  Another year comes to and end about two more weeks left. If you liked my stories on this site let me know by signing my guest book.

Hi William,

Today marks the 4th school year in a row you’ve supported classrooms in need through – thank you!

Four years. If this were high school, you’d be graduating. But we won’t make you put on a funny hat and walk across a stage. We’ll just give you an A+ in Generosity and invite you to stick around for as long as you’d like.

And for nostalgia’s sake, you can take a look at the yearbook of projects you’ve supported and recall the faces of the student and teacher friends you’ve made over the past 4 years.

Here’s to many more years ahead,

Charles Best,




 I'm in the Diablo Gazette news paper - (Click here

October issue pg.19 2015






I have an ad on line with Bay Area Parent magazine. page 23 very small



Today I wore a thing that measures my distance walked. WOW - 14.12 miles

My night man walks 9.12 miles a night working



My daughter has gotten a job next door at Valle Verde Child Care, and is excited. She's a teacher assistant and she's back in college as to be a teacher -.


Be sure to sign my guest book, and pass it on to your friends...


went fishing on the Fury party boat out side of Golden Gate Bridge. see pictures.


 I had a fun time doing story time at Valle Verde childcare on 8/19/2014

from Pre-K up to fifth graders.




Box Tops Great job students and parents



Way to go Valle Verde - 2014

California Distinguished Schools Program

Honors some of California's most exemplary and inspiring public schools. Schools selected for the Distinguished School Award demonstrate significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap.

 To Teachers,

For those of you I know give me  your link to Donor Choose, I'll be helping out a few teachers.

Bill's book is in our school library, Check it out soon...

The Nest that Could Fly, to you younger ones, have your parents, day care or grand parents read it to you.


 Do you own a dog? - See below


5/22/15 read to Mrs. Millers Kindergarten class, Very fun


A Poem For All Students For The End Of The Year

No Boundaries


There are no boundaries of life in this age;

Just open your mind of empty space.

Learn the knowledge of wisdom through school and books;

As you just can’t depend on your looks.

Use your best judgment to follow through.

The future is upon us,

It’s all up to you.

If you reach a dead end,

Then start over again.

A day is a day; a year is a year;

Time is one thing you shouldn’t fear.

You will succeed one of these days

what ever goal you’re trying to reach.

I’ll wish you luck, as this is the way;

Just try to make the best of your day.

Bill sawyers


November Already

We've been busy, I got my flu shot and  I just ordered a 100 new pens to pass out. Since bumper stickers and business cards are not working.