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Proud Member Of Friends Of The Creeks

Friends of the creeks - member

Why,?  A long time ago When I lived in P.H, Calif. I lived next to a creek off of Gregory Lane.

By  Sequoia Elementary.

Used to be called Diablo Vista when I went here.

We would catch crawdads and yes eat them, back in the day's no contamination. that I knew of 1973.

Back then there was no trash in the creeks where I played. We, meaning my  friends and I would also go thru the storm drains in P.H under the streets.We did as a group of two to five.


Up until about 1981.

My creek (Click here) Grayson creek from Charles Ave.P.h up to DVC college.

The only other escape from here on bikes to get out would be the creek by K-mart on contra costa  Blvd. about 4 miles away, the creek at this point has walls on both sides at least 25 foot tall.

Now a day's I'm sure these sections are locked and for good reasons.They can be a death trap when irrigating to clean out or when it rains.

I found friends of the creeks in P.H by Facebook. this was in 2011, I wanted to help after seeing all the trash in the creeks. So I helped for almost two years. Ellen Wood area. I stopped for a while after my spinal fusion. I did this since I worked at Strandwood school. In August of 2013 I moved to Valle Verde school in Walnut creek. So on 5/10/14 I helped them. Wow, hundreds of people. Kids are able to help at age 7 on up to 12 with a parent and a waiver. Yes, there where a lot of children. and they have easy area's for them.

Adults can help out with a waiver as well. I found out there are 8 sections of creek that do.

I did area three - both sides of Trader Joe's. very steep

I seen two pair of mallard ducks and 20 Canadian geese.

P.S there is so much trash from local store's, and via storm drains from city streets and the homeless. Helped with the creeks P.H then W.C. Concord don't Know about any events?

Since I moved back to Holbrook School, I'm helping in this area. But, for now I'm helping out in other community projects via e-mail. Lately Solono Ave.

Found on,  I did in Jan and on Feb/3rd, It's nice to meet new people and to have people com out of their houses to thank you. I helped with exit Grant St. and Dollar General store and side streets behind.