White Tiger Dojo Naples, Fla

...The way of inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness...


Traditional Karate Training...

Ed Koschmider, 6th Dan, Shihan

...With No Nonsense!

Not your average “McDojo” Karate school.

The toughest most traditional training available.


 All classes taught outdoors.


 NO sport/tournament styles taught.


Belt ranks are earned.


Extremely low cost (not for profit school).


Discipline, Strength, Life changing Instruction!


No children or after school programs


Contact:  gojuman12@yahoo.com


"...Learning Karate from the late Shihan Chojun Miyagi, it was Okinawa-karate itself.  Therefore, the practices consisted of "Basics", "Training", and "Kata" while the practice of Kata was especially strict..."  

- Gogen Yamaguchi

Founders of Goju-Ryu




Kanryo Higashionna                                                   Chojun Miyagi


"...When the student is ready, they will find the right Teacher..."


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