White Hawk Quarter Horses and Farrier Service

AQHA Registered Horses and Farrier Service.



Scott  is certified by, The Eastcoast Horseshoer's Association as a Master Farrier.

He owns, breeds, trains, rides and competes with horses.  As a result, he understands not only your horse, but your needs as the owner of that horse.

In addition, Scott spent four years working as a veterinary assistant with the Equine Specialist, Doctor Edward Early, of Williamsport Veterinary Services, now Laurel Highland Equine Services, http://www.laurelhighland.com/vet.htm Scott also worked with top trainers at Pocono Downs Harness Racetrack.  

All of this began at a very early age for Scott, who has had a horse in his care and keeping since he was nine years old, when he received his first one, a POA named Comanche.  Even before he received Comanche, he had arranged to get himself riding lessons with Gigi F. Hood at the very nearby, Bit By Bit Farm, in exchange for working there cleaning stalls and what have you.  As one can see, he was very determined and resourceful at a very early age when it came to his love for horses.

This dedication and determination has stayed with him and as a result, you might say that here at White Hawk, we like to get our horses off on the right foot from the ground up. 

Further, Scott is an easy person to know and to work with.  He strives to make every acquaintance within the horse industry an enjoyable one. 

He treats each horse as an individual.  He will work with you and your horse for as long as it takes to be sure to assess your horse’s needs properly. 

This process may involve having you walk and/or ride your horse to judge their gaits and balance.  He will also talk with you on your use of the horse and any problems you feel they may be having.

After this, Scott will then take the time to let you know what he has found, being careful to explain everything to you.  In addition, he will tell you what preventatives you may have to use for problems, (if any) such as Thrush, White Line, etc.

Scott has worked on horses, which the owners were preparing to have “put down” due to Laminitis/Founder, and now the owners are riding them!  (Yes, we can prove this). 

Most importantly, Scott will NEVER jeopardize your horse’s health by trying to work on a problem he feels is either out of his skills and knowledge level, or one that should be further diagnosed by a veterinarian...BEFORE he works on your horse.

Both you and your horse are safe with Scott and White Hawk Farrier Service. 


Services offered, but not limited to:

Corrective Shoeing

Flat Shoeing

Natural Balance Trimming

Please call with any questions, or for references, pricing, and appointments.

Special consideration given to non-profit organizations.

A Farrier's Prayer
Dear Lord, give me strength to start this day
And wisdom and courage to face whatever I encounter in my travels.

Even though my work with horses is difficult and dangerous,
Grant me patience for his flighty and unpredictable ways,
And keep me safe from harm as I do my task.

Let me remember that my satisfaction comes from helping
A lame horse to go sound, and a sound one to do his job with comfort.

Help me to have patience with my fellow humans, and to remember that
Most love their horses and want what is best for them.

Let me have respect and fellowship with my peers, so that we are
Not alone in this complex and challenging vocation.

Remind me that while my work is important, faith and family should
Come first; help me to schedule my days to reflect these priorities

And at the end of the day, when my mind and body are tired,
Help me remember why I chose this profession,
And never let me ever lose fascination and reverence for this
Wonderful creature You have given us, the horse.




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