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General Peafowl Information

Peafowl genetics.


The most common peafowl are India Blue, often just called “blue”. There are two types of plumage mutation found in India Blue peafowl: color and pattern. Color simply refers to the primary color of the peacock. Pattern mutations effect how the color is distributed, or presented. There the ten colors currently known are Blue, White, Purple, Cameo, Bronze, Opal, Midnight, Peach, Jade, and Charcoal. The five pattern mutations are barred wing (“regular peafowl”), black shoulder (solid wing), pied, silver pied and white-eyed. All kinds of color and pattern combinations are possible and have been developed. All of these mutations are recessive to the wild-type color and pattern, meaning that a peachick must get a gene from both parents to show the mutant color or pattern.


Three color mutations (purple, cameo, and peach) are sex-linked mutations, meaning that hens only need a single copy of the gene to show the trait. 


There are also three green species of peafowl. Crosses between India Blue and green peafowl are called Spaldings.


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Peafowl at our Farm

We currently have breeder age peafowl in the following color and pattern mutations: Blue, pied, silver pied, white-eye, blackshoulder, white, cameo pied white-eye blackshoulder, cameo blackshoulder, cameo silver pied, bronze, opal, opal blackshoulder, spalding opal blackshoulder, Peach, midnight blackhsoulder, purple, purple blackshoulder.

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India Blue






Black Shoulder


Purple Blackshoulder



Cameo Hen

Cameo Blackshoulder hen


Silver Pied




Opal Blackshoulder


Midnight Blackshoulder




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