Wess Exotic Animals - Skunks, Foxes, Raccoons

Pet Skunks and Foxes for Sale in Ohio


  E-Mail me at wessexoticanimals@yahoo.com  or call 740-787-1221 to reserve a baby.

SKUNKS will be descented, wormed and litterbox started and sold as soon as they are weaned and eating good, approximately 6-7 weeks.   I recommend Skunk Haven website for information on care.  I will send a Skunk Haven Brochure on care with each baby.


Black and White Males  -                   $300.00   Females -  $325.00

Chocolate and White Males  -            $325.00    Females - $350.00

Mahogany and White Males -            $325.00    Females - $350.00

Silver and White or Apricot Males -  $350.00    Females - $375.00

Lavender and White Males  -             $375.00    Females - $400.00    

Albino or Red-Eyed Apricot Males - $400.00    Females - $425.00



Silver Foxes - Males $400.00   Females $425.00  Born in April - May

Red Foxes  -   Males $350.00   Females $400.00  Born in March - April

Red/Silver cross Foxes - Males $350.00  Females $400.00  Born March - April

Calico (Red/Platinum cross) Foxes - Males $425.00   Females - $450.00 Born March - April

Platinum Foxes - Males $400.00  Females $425.00  Born March - April

Arctic Foxes -  Males $500.00  Females  $550.00 Born May - June



 RACCOONS -  Bottle babies - Male  $325.00  Female $350.00


You will also need to mail in or apply online for an ODNR permit after you purchase your baby IN OHIO.  I can help you with that.  

Deposit is non-refundable if you reserve a baby and you change your mind on the purchase.  If a deposit is taken and there are none born that color or sex you have the option to choose another color or sex.  If you don't decide on another color or sex, deposit will then be returned.   You can pick the one you want in the order of date the deposit is received.  I will contact interested buyers as soon as babies are born in order of e-mails sent to me.  Then I will take a dep. to hold one for you until they are weaned.

SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE TO LEGAL STATES.  Cost of shipping is approx. $330.00, includes kennel, health papers,  worming and import permits.  You must check the laws of your state. Animals have to be 8 weeks old to ship.   Can be picked up much younger, 4-5 weeks for foxes,  5-6 weeks for raccoons and skunks as long as they are eating approx. 6 weeks.


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