National Werewolf Association

The Werewolf Society Foundation

Saving Werewolves and wolves, one step at a time.

"If the wolf is to survive, the wolf haters must be outnumbered. They must be outshouted, out financed, and out voted. Their narrow and biased attitude must be outweighed by an attitude based on an understanding of natural processes." ~ L. David Mech

"The wolf and the werewolf are not separate beings, but of the same spirit - to kill one is to kill the other. In doing this, the mass deaths of both could end the world as we know it." ~Unknown

How is it possible?

Every year there are thousands of wolves killed because of misunderstanding. Man no longer has a place in their hearts for either wolf nor werewolf. The slaughtering of both kinds leaves a heavy mark upon our world. Wolves have been more in the news and in the public eye for hundreds of years as werewolves have been swept under the rug. Not many people know this but, every time the government says they have slaughtered wolves in the wilderness, they also mean werewolves. This little secret has been under wraps since earlier than the 1800's and continues on to this day.

Of course, the government will never openly admit that they kill werewolves because it would cause a worldwide panic. Those of us who are left know the truth, and since no one takes us seriously, we have to do something drastic. We will have to devise a way to keep our survival intact and this means openly admitting who we are. This can be a risk as well, but the real risk would not be taking such a bold step. So far, thousands of our kind of the many decades has prevented us from rallying support groups. Instead, we lay somewhere hiding our true natures for fear of execution in the labs of the governments of the world. It is now, in this year, that we will finally rise up and meet our attackers head on in battle.

Of course, I do not mean in actual battle where we will harm people, but in the legal arena known as court action. For a very long time werewolves were not considered people and in that statement we had no individual rights as a legitimate race. We were herded like cattle under the knife and used as guinea pigs all around the world. Our blood was taken from us to be used in study and possibly cures for modern illnesses and diseases. We were not asked, we were taken as hostages and violated beyond repair.

 This goes on in every country that the world has to offer and continues through even to this day. We have spoken out loud in every possible manner but are deemed as psychotic or mentally unstable in the eyes of the public. that is the eternal cover up that society uses in their defense as to why we are locked up. It is their lies and deceit that make the world truly believe that we are nothing more than mental/health risks.

Point in check, when the first werewolf was forced to shift in front of a team of scientists in 1878 they killed him. They didn't know what to think or say because they were abhorred at what they had witnessed. It was impossible for a man to shift into a beast they claimed, later deciding it was best that the monstrosity was to be eradicated as an animal would be. The United Nations held a secret hearing that would forever spell the fate of werewolves, vampires and every other being considered an abomination as threats to our fellow mankind. In this hearing it was stated that a secret organization would be started under the name of Operation Fenris to seek out such individuals that possessed these traits under the same laws and articles that condemned traitors and terrorists.


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