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Wavin' K Dogs

Here are the residents of Wavin' K. 
They are beloved pets and working animals. 



"Wilsons Stella" is a double registered Catahoula Bulldog. Stella is a natural hunter, she always has her nose to the ground.  When it comes to cattle, watch out!  She is fearless, and so athletic and quick its unreal.  Stella has been bred to Confetti's Public Enemy and their pups are due the end of January.
Check back for updates.



Shelby is a wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier, rescued from the K-9 Bed and Biscuit in Greely, Colorado.  This shelter is one of the largest no-kill shelters in Colorado, they are great people.  Shelby is the sweetest and most loyal dog you will meet, she is a big teddy bear to everyone she comes across.  But, when it comes down to "helping" at the barn, Shelby is ready for action any time you are, and can get any stubborn cow moving...as long as she is not too busy being a couch-potato at home.

"'YOTE BUSTERS"  -- Wavin' K Staghounds



"Gus" is a stunning black Staghound/Greyhound.  He is coming 4 years old and at his top potential.  We hunt coyotes and jackrabbits, and more, with him, and he is very impressive in the field.  Videos coming soon!

"Zenyatta" is a beautiful pure Staghound (pictured here at 14 weeks)  Named for the undefeated Thoroughbred racing filly who won the Breeder's Cup, she will be a running machine and comes from some of the best coyote hunting lines of this region.  She is really starting to mature and her prey drive is ever increasing.  We will start her strong this winter.


NALC Catahoulas

Confetti's Public Enemy, "Dillinger" is an impressive catahoula pup with a lot of grit, with a lot of brains to go with it.  He is a black leapord with blue leapord trim, one blue eye and one blue/brown cracked.  He is already very protective of his home and family and is all business when he goes to work.  He has the perfect balance of size, looks, inteligence, obedience, athleticism, and "moxy."  He will be a great one when he gets older, we plan to use him to work cattle and hunt.

Dillinger at 4 months
Dillinger at 7 weeks.

Bird Dogs


CE Ivory Moose, "Moose" is a lovely male yellow lab, 2 years old.  He is AKC registered and goes back to some impressive lines, many field and show champions including his grandsire Abe's Ebony And Ivory.

Gus and Moose on feed duty
"Zeus" the son of Moose

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