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"With years of training under the wing of my mother, renouned cutting horse trainer Traci Hatten, I have gained valuable knowledge through her 25+ years of experience. 

I use the colt starting program that Traci has shaped and developed into perfection over the years -- a "no-frills," "no-bs" colt starting program that WORKS and has proven itself time and again.  Horses come out of this program with a solid foundation that you can go on into whatever dicipline you're working towards.

My training program is centered around developing the horses' mind and body. The philosophy of my training program is founded on the fact that the horse works FOR me, not out of fear or brutality.  The horse and I have a mutual respect for one another; they choose to get along rather than not, and are as devoted to me as I am to them.

My performance horse program: specialized training including barrels, poles, gymkhana, breakaway roping, heading, heeling, cowhorse, or ranch horses, is based on the same principles as my colt program.  I expect only the best from my performance horses, and they seldom come short.  Whether it be in the box or coming through the gate, my performance horses are SANE and keep their composure, this is of upmost importance to me.  In the arena, they are responsive, focused, and "get the job done" helping their rider do good in every way they can.  For using horses, I expose them to all the things a working ranch horse would be exposed to outside.  The best way to get a horse experience is simply that....real life experience.

To me, there is nothing better than to be able to produce an end product that is responsive and safe for my client, and to see a colt progress and a client succeed with a horse that I have trained.  I find that to be extremely rewarding, there is nothing better."

About Wavin' K Performance Horse Breeding Program

My breeding program is small, but on the rise.  I have begun selecting a small band of quality AQHA and APHA broodmares, and am searching for the perfect stallion to add into my program.  In the mean time, I breed to only the highest quality stallions, including TC Annas Gift.

When I began to select mares to integrate into my breeding program, I kept in mind the kind of horse that I love to ride - one that is smart and sensible, one that is tuned in to its rider and will willingly do anything they ask, one that is athletic and can tackle any challenge, one that is structurally correct and will stay sound throughout years of use, one that catches the eye of my competition, and above all one that you can trust and depend on.  It is my goal to raise horses that go above and beyond these expectations. 

With the right combination of cow and running breeding, these horses are the ultimate athlete with good minds to go along with it.  These horses can go into a diverse range of disciplines, from family trail horses to top calibur competition horses.  There is something for everyone...as long as everyone wants an incrediblly beautiful, willing, athletic, and intelligent mount. 

I have a deep love and appreciation for a good horse, and that is what I strive to bring into the performance horse industry...good horses.  Period.

About Kacy

Kacy has had much expierence with showing and training horses, having many rodeo accomplishments through her years of high school and college rodeo.  
She was a WYHSRA champion for 4 years in a row, and she was a National High School Finals Rodeo qualifier from WY all four years of high school in Cutting, and three years in Breakaway.  She was a finalist all three years, placing in the top 5 twice.  On to college, in '09 she was the Reserve Champion breakaway roper for the Central Rocky Mountain Region and was a member of the Champion Women's Team in the CRMR.  At the '09 CNFR the UW Women's Team was awarded the National Champion Women's Team.  Kacy has competed at other finals as well such as the Western National Cutting Horse Association finals and Wyoming Rodeo Association finals numerous times.    What makes this special to Kacy, is the majority of the horses she has competed on, qualified on, and won on are horses she and her family have raised and trained themselves, this is something to be proud of.

 In addition to comepeting on horseback, Kacy is also a very accomplished horse judge as well.  On the University of Wyoming Horse Judging Team, they were awarded 3rd place at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.  In addition, the team was the Reserve National Champion Team at the Arabian Nationals show in 2010.  Kacy is also coaching the Wheatland FFA horse judging team and are looking forward to a lot of success in the future.  It's important to be knowledable in as many aspects of the horse industry as you can be.

"I am most concerned with producing a horse that goes above and beyond her client's expectations. There is nothing better than seeing a horse I've worked on progress and for a client to have success with one that I have trained. Remember, being a horse trainer is a job of SERVICE: helping the client accomplish their goals is what it is all about."




A little hard work goes a long way...

CNFR National Champion Womens Team - University of WY

All American Quarter Horse Congress

Reserve National Champions - Arabian Nationals 

Below are some videos of Kacy and Clancy *trained by Kacy for breakaway* breakaway roping at some Spring 09 College Rodeos. 

Colorado State University Rodeo Long Go

CSU College Rodeo Short Go

Casper College Rodeo long go

Casper College Rodeo Short Go *look at Clancy stop!*

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