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Absolutely amazing facts about the New Jerusalem!
Identifying and addressing areas of apostasy, error and deception such
as affect Wales in particular! 
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What is the astonishing relationship between the rainbow, the Jewish feasts, the menorah... and the Messiah's first and second advents?

Click on the rainbow below to discover the answer!


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Why is the Bible

our Route 66? 


 Click on the sign to find out! 


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Daniel's incredible prophecy of "70 weeks" is here thoroughly examined!

Click on the Ishtar Gate to enter one of the most amazing prophecies of all time: Messiah's first coming foretold to the day! His second coming?

Enter the open gate!


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666 (Part One)

What is the connection between  the huge golden statue erected by King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, and the coming "Mark of the Beast?"

Where does 666 enter the equation?

First of a two-part exploration of the meaning of this most infamous of numbers, "The Enigma Code" unveils the extraordinary esoteric encoding of Nebuchadnezzar's image, and demonstrates how two and a half thousand years later, this same encoding permeates contemporary society, with a most terrible warning!

Click on the image to explore this most ancient, and yet most modern of phenomena, and its urgent message for us today! Ignore it at your peril!


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666 (Part Two)


A masterpiece of deception exposed to the light:    the "Dark Star" with its occult statement of Satanic intent, for Israel...and the world! Click on the banner!


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The 4-Square City

 The New Jerusalem. The ultimate destination of the saints! In closely examining one particular verse in the Book of Revelation, a couple of truly mind-blowing facts are quite literally unfolded... 


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 open up its




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The 21st Century Church desperately needs to learn a lesson from First Century Laodicea. They, like us, were courting disaster of the first magnitude.


Click on the mixer-taps to see!


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The concept of sin, examined in a new light.

Thought-provoking and soul-searching!

Click on the worm  - if you dare! - and all will be revealed!


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