Welcome Warriors Fans!

Welcome! Okay, so you might think that this is just another Warriors book fan site with the whole to-do, but it's not! Even though there will be no fancy graphics to spruce up your Neopets pages, I'm working on character information pages, which contains characters from Warriors, Warriors: The New Prophecy, and Warriors: The Power of Three. I also would like to make a page with upcoming books and release times/dates, an About the Author page (about Erin Hunter of course!), a page on the "Leafpool is Jaypaw's mother" theory (which I STRONGLY believe in!), and a random facts page. There will probably, in the future, be a page on Erin Hunter's new series, Seekers, but that's far in the distance. I love Warriors (I hope someone makes a movie!) and I like it better than Harry Potter (yes, I know I'm crazy), which it has outsold many times. So yeah, that just about sums it up! Oh, and don't forget to vote in the polls! Thanks a ton for visiting Warrior Spirit! Sincerely, Squirrelstar

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