Waccamatt's page

Wales Garden is jus south and southwest of 5 Points and contains some magnificent homes.

This mediterranean mansion is probably my favorite house in Columbia. I understand the living room has a second floor balcony surrounding it. I believe it sold a few years ago for something like $1.5 million.

Saluda Avenue is the center of the Wales Garden neighborhood. You can see the University is very close by.

Like I said on the Earlewood page. Columbia is the one major city in South Carolina that is not a Bush/Republican stronghold. There is a good reason that I live in Columbia.


Aha, so that's where the name Waccamatt came from! I lived on Waccamaw Avenue from 1993 to 2001 and got my first PC (and first email address) while I was living there. It is on the edge between 5 Points, Shandon and Wales Garden. There are lots of cool, affordable quadraplexes on Waccamaw and it is within walking distance of 5 Points.



If you've ever watched the original Batman TV show from the 60's you'll know why I call this "Stately Wayne Manor". I wonder if the batcave is underneath? The greyhounds on the porch are a nice touch.