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These are some residential developments in the Congaree Vista area along with some pictures of the arts and entertainment district. I also have another couple of pages with Vista pics.

The Congaree River, of course, gives the Congaree Vista its name.



Bridgepoint Condominiums are located on the river. I have a good view of the side away from the river, but the side facing the river is hard to get a clear view of, thus the trees.

Downtown from the left bank of the Congaree.

This is the heart of the arts and entertainment area of the Vista.

These are the new Justice Square Townhomes next to the Columbia Police Department and across the street from Memorial Park. I think Memorial Park is the prettiest park in Columbia. A new monument is added every couple of years and there is an awesome stream that runs through the middle of the park.  http://www.coolumbia.net/park_memorial.htm  or  http://www.midnet.sc.edu/parks/memorial.html

Park Place is across the street from Finlay Park. The condos have a great view of Finlay Park on the front http://www.midnet.sc.edu/parks/finlay.html or http://www.columbia4kids.com/parks/finlay.php or http://www.columbiasouthcarolina.com/parks-city.html#Finlay

and of downtown on the back.