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This is the Arsenal Hill area of the Congaree Vista.

Arsenal Hill is supposed to be Columbia's oldest "neighborhood". I guess that is after downtown, which dates from 1790. Arsenal Hill neighborhood predates the civil war, I believe, and includes the South Carolina Governor's Mansion as one of its structures. The neighborhood has made a huge comeback in the last 15 years, with old homes seeing renovations and new homes being developed.

Governor's mansion info: http://www.coolumbia.net/govmansion.htm      http://www.scgovernor.com/interior.asp?SiteContentId=13&NavId=61&ParentId=0

Finlay Park is in the foreground with the Governor's Hill development overlooking the park.

Here are some closeups of the Governor's Hill development. This is a big improvement over the parking lot that used to be there.

I found this picture of the Pavilion Towers, apartments located on the edge of Arsenal Hill. They started this area's renaissance when they were opened in 1989.

This is a charming little church in the Arsenal Hill neighborhood. Notice my consistency with liking stone structures.