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Here are some pictures I took during "Urban Access Columbia" hosted by the Historic Columbia Foundation

The Historic Columbia Foundation held an "Urban Assets Tour" on April 29, 2006 showing historic Main Street structures that are being (or are already) converted into residences. I have also included pictures of installment art and other surrounding buildings to get a feel for the space. Aside from the Barringer Building and the Arcade Mall, all of these residences are in the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Main Street; between the 2 main areas of office buildings on and around Main Street.


Urban Assets Brochure

Capitol Places developed many of the following buildings (link)

The red brick Barringer Building (1903) was Columbia's first skyscraper and is being converted into apartments

The lobby

A bank occupies the retail space on the ground floor

an old mail chute

an apartment interior under construction


The view toward the northwest includes 1401 Main Street, the Wachovia Building and the Palmetto Building on the right

The western view has Washington Square in the foreground (right), another office building and the Congaree Vista followed by West Columbia and Cayce in the distance

looking northeast with the Palmetto Building and the old Security Federal Building

looking west with Congaree Vista Buildings and in the top right corner, Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia

southeast view towards USC and Five Points

A rare close-up of the top of the Palmetto Building

The Arcade Mall is next door to the Barringer Building and is the site of an installment art scupture









The basement of the Arcade Building used to be "Downunder Columbia", the site of a number of restaurants and bars in the 1970's. I expect it to regain its glory in the very near future.



The Sherlock Holmes Pub used to be located in the basement of the Palmetto Building; now that the building is being renovated into a Sheraton Boutique Hotel, the hotel restaurant will be located there and Sherlock Holmes will be moving into the basement of the old McCrory Building, another building on this tour being converted into residences. 

The Palmetto Building; being renovated into a Sheraton Boutique Hotel

The next tour was of the old Kress Building. One of the best things about all of these newly residential buildings is that there are retail establishments on all of the ground floors. Rising High Restaurant is in this building.

the courtyard entrance

This is the lobby with art deco features; the apartment on the tour was occupied so I didn't take pictures of the inside.

Building info

More Installment Art


An architectural firm is also located in the building and this is their conference room.

Leaving the courtyard with a sculpture by renowned Columbia Artist, Blue Sky, at the end.

The old Kress Building surrounds the beautiful Sylvans Jewelers Building; probably the finest Victorian building in Columbia.



Hampton Street Vineyard is a restaurant located in the basement of the Sylvans Jewelers Building. The jewelry store has been there since 1897 and the building also houses offices.

1520 Main Street is a 4 story  new construction that will house condominiums and is next door to the Kress Building Apartments.



Street art

Next to the 1520 Main new construction is the renovated Canal Dime Savings Bank Building. One of the condos was open for viewing, but it was occupied so I didn't take pictures. The interior was gorgeous and had a beautiful view of Main Street and the Columbia Museum of Art across the street. It also had an awesome huge rear balcony.

Further up the same block are the former Silvers and McCrory Buildings. The Silvers Building is now occupied and renovations have just begun on the old McCrory's Building.


Silvers' apartments entrance in rear


Looking south from the Silvers Building

McCrory Building construction; the Sherlock Holmes Pub is moving into the basement

The former Berry's on Main Building is in the next block and has been converted into apartments; The ground floor contains a clothing store, barber shop and soon, a Chinese restaurant.




The former Tapp's Department Store is now apartments and businesses; the basement and the ground floor houses The Factory Gym. 






Tapp's Apartments





Looking southeast from the Tapp's Building

Looking south

Looking north

Looking northeast

A northeast closeup shows Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital in the distance along with the Marion Street Highrise.

The old Greyhound Bus Station is next door; I've always wanted to open a dance club there.

Columbia's oldest Italian restaurant, Villa Tronco, is across the street in Columbia's oldest fire station.

Hennessy's Restaurant is on the other side of Main Street from Tapp's.

A street concert was being setup in the next block

Tapp's is diagonally across from the Richland County Courthouse.

More installment art; this one was unfortunately "cleaned up" by the Main Street Beautification Team after a serious windstorm had blown it down; very embarassing.

More Installment Art


The Columbia Museum of Art is across the street from the Kress Building, 1520 Main and the old Canal Dime Savings Bank. Who can remember when Macy's was in this building?