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Here are some photos of Columbia's Shandon Neighborhood

Shandon has become a very popular in-town location. It is close to 5 Points and downtown and there is great shopping and restaurants on Devine Street, which I call Columbia's Rodeo Drive.

This is a view of 5 Points, USC and downtown from Old Shandon, the original part of the neighborhood, first developed around 1904.

Most of Shandon is made up of single family homes, but there are some nice apartments, too. These are a couple of typical quadraplexes.

An art deco (or is this Art Moderne?) home on Harden Street.

I love this house (and not because it's pink!)

I like stone houses, also. This is a typical Shandon-style bungalow.

A Southern Plantation-style home.

This Georgian mansion served as the SC Governor's Mansion for a couple of years during renovations several years ago.

Here it is again!

I like the Tudor influence.

A Shandon Highrise condo

More stone....


Nice color brick. Columbia is a major brick manufacturing area.

This is the back of the cool house.

I've always liked their landscaping.

Another typical quadraplex.

A tropical respite in a temperate climate.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church. You may notice that I like stone.