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Here are some pictures from the 2005 SC Gay and Lesbian Pride March and Festival

A crowd of a couple thousand people came out to watch and participate in the 14th South Carolina Gay and Lesbian Pride March and Festival on May 21st. The weather was cloudy and threatening in the morning, but it gradually cleared up in the afternoon. I have been to all 14 SC Prides. The weather was awesome by the middle of the festival and I think everyone had a great time. Thanks to my friend Henry for the pictures of the parade. I took the pictures from the park. Pride is run by the South Carolina Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement (GLPM), which also runs the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Columbia. http://www.scglpm.org

Here is my band, the Marching Pride of South Carolina, with the North Carolina Pride Marching Band and the Atlanta Freedom Marching Band. Thanks to them for coming to play with us! Here is the band's website: www.marchingpridesc.org

I like the float done by the Capital Club, a gay bar in Columbia.

Some of the crowd watching the entertainment with the rest of Finlay Park and Arsenal Hill in the background.

Elaine Townsend on the guitar

The Pride Queen, Paris La Faris. Unfortunately I was busy running the band's booth and didn't get any pictures of the headliners, Debbie Holiday or Rachael Sage. I heard them, though, and they were awesome!

Past and present GLPM (SC Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement) Pride Chairs.

There were over 40 vendors including everything from Palmetto Cheesecake Co. to Gervais St. Deli to the SC Gay and Lesbian Business Guild, The Progressive Network, SC Equality Coalition and other organizations along with many merchandise vendors selling everything from jewelry to t-shirts to bumper stickers, magnets, flags and stained glass.

Robin Adele during a break from performing. (I wonder if she was kicking an invisible John Graham Altman?)

Some of the crowd taking a break from visiting vendors.

Someone obviously trying to make hand puppets in my picture.

Robin and Pat giving away a prize!