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Capital Center

Stories: 25
Year: 1987

Columbia's tallest skyscraper has been standing proud as the tallest building in South Carolina since its completion in 1987.

The building exterior is finished in double-paned tinted glass with horizontal bands of anodized aluminum color panels. The 25-story tower was completed in 1987 during Columbia highrise building boom.

Capital Center contains 460,292 square feet of office space, a significant amount of which is leased to the state of South Carolina, law firms.

Palmetto Center

Stories: 20
Year: 1983

Columbia's second tallest skyscraper was completed in 1983. The 20 story tower and its adjuring 14 story Marriott Hotel, was the vision of Former Columbia Mayor Kirkland Finaly for a redevlopment of Downtown Columbia. Its noted as the first mixed-use development created within the state of South Carolina. On the Palmetto Center white spandrel panels alternate with uninterrupted, dark-tinted horizontal bands of glazing over an irregularly-shaped plan providing an impressive sculptural form on the Columbia skyline.

Recently the buildings 456,000 square feet of office space has been occupied by SCANA, and Wachovia Bank, the building has changed hands and corporate logos over the years as the major tendents have changed.

Tower at 1301 Gervis

Stories: 20
Year: 1973

This monolithic building located on Gervis Street has been standing as Columbia's third tallest since 1973.

The building exterior is finished with uniformly dark glazing and spandrel panels alternating with anodized aluminum columns. The 20-story tower replaced the former Columbia Hotel which was imploded to make room for the project.

Tower at 1301 Gervis contains 296,797 square feet of office space, a significant amount of which is leased to Wilbur Smith, law firms and Bank of America.

Bank of America Plaza

Stories: 17
Year: 1989

Bank of America Plaza with is distinctive crown has been a Columbia landmark since its completion in 1989.

 The 17-story tower was completed in 1989  completed during Columbia's highrise building boom during the 1980's and was the last highrise building completed in Columbia for 15 years. 

Bank of America Plaza contains 302,340  square feet of office space, a significant amount of which is leased to the Bank of America, law firms and some Federal Agencies.

Meridian Building