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Forest Hills is located to the east of downtown Columbia between Gervais Street and Forest Drive. A newer section of Forest Hills is just to the north of Forest Drive.

The streets in this neighborhood all have European names and there are many hills in the area. Hey, maybe that's why they named it Forest Hills! The neighborhood was developed in the 1920's and has some great art deco architecture. Here are 2 awesome art deco homes on Forest Drive. You can see why Columbia is a "Tree City USA".


Corner of Girardeau Ave and Glenwood Road.


This is another of my favorite homes in Columbia. I've always been a big fan of stone buildings. The camellia bush has just finished blooming.

I like awnings, too. There was a thunderstorm earlier on the day I took these pictures and it looks like one of the awnings collapsed.

These are Middleborough Condos located in Middleburg Mall adjacent to the newer section of Forest Hills.