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This is the Eau Claire area, north of downtown.

Eau Claire used to be a separate city, but was annexed by Columbia in the mid 1950's. The area has a large variety of people and income levels and is home to several colleges.




This is the Godbold Center, the gym at Columbia College, an all-girls liberal arts college. I didn't include its picture because I like the architecture, but because Lucille "Ludy" Godbold is one of Columbia's most famous citizens. She was the first South Carolina citizen to compete in the Olympics and one of the first female star atheletes in the world. She won 2 gold medals at the 1922 Olympics in Paris. Ms. Godbold taught physical education at Columbia College for many years. They have an all girls football game there in her honor called the Ludy Bowl. A couple of friends of mine actually live in her old house. It's nice that the home has stayed in the family. <W> 

Columbia College Science Building


Downtown in the distance from Eau Claire. Eau Claire is where the trolley lines ended in the early 20th century.

I thought this was interesting...


Eau Claire High School, home of the Shamrocks.




The Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary has been located in Eau Claire for well over 100 years.

Some people say Columbia isn't hilly. Obviously people that have never lived here. That is Eau Claire in the distance. The old Eau Claire Town Hall is the building in the middle with the clock tower and the red roof.