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Earlewood Park is an awesome neighborhood just north of downtown Columbia. Its development began in the 1910's and new housing is still being built today.

This is a cool little house for sale.

It's easy to see how close this neighborhood is to downtown. I think Columbia's strength is its great close-in neighborhoods.

Columbia is the one large city in South Carolina that is not a Bush/Republican stronghold. John Kerry won Richland County by more than 20,000 votes and in Columbia, by a 2 to 1 margin.

There are several new housing developments (believe it or not) in this old neighborhood. I believe the land for these had been owned by the railroads and it was sold to developers. If you live in Columbia you know how many railroad tracks there are here.










One of the things I like about this area are the many hills and the abundant hardwoods.

This is the new Laurel Hill development



This is more of Canal Place


I like this mountain-type home that's for sale. It doesn't really match the rest of the neighborhood, though.



Sunset on Sunset Drive. There will be a thick canopy of trees when spring gets here.