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These are mostly residential photos from the downtown, USC and 5 Points area, all adjacent to one another.

This is 1600 Park Circle Condominiums. I lived on the 10th floor here for a couple of years.

Condos in 5 Points

The back of Place on The Greene Condos from Saluda Ave in 5 Points

Christopher Towers Apartments across the street from Maxcy Gregg Park on Blossom Street

I took some far pictures of the area from a hill southwest of the city. This is I-26 East looking towards Calhoun County

Claire Tower Apartments at the corner of Senate and Marion Streets downtown

This view shows a huge area from a hill southwest of the city. The I-77/I-26 interchange is in the foreground. You can see all of downtown Columbia in the center distance with Williams-Brice Stadium to the right.

Cornell Arms Apartments. When this was built in 1948 it was the tallest apartment building between Washington, DC and Miami, Fl.

A closeup of the center of downtown from the same hill. You can see the construction crane at the First Citizens Tower location. The height will be a hair below where the arm of the crane is located.

Finlay House Apartments in 5 Points. This is senior citizens housing and rather uninteresting, but it is tall.

This is a closeup of the First Citizens site.

More construction photos.



Placards are erected all over downtown Columbia pointing out historic sites. Gervais Street runs in front of the State House and is one of Columbia's main thoroughfares.

This is the front of Place on the Greene Condos on Greene Street in 5 Points. 5 Points beautification is well under way, so the streets are a mess right now.

I've always loved this little cottage in the 5 Points area. It is a backyard apartment adjacent to the Blue "Swiss Style" house down the page. I call this the Hansel and Gretel Cottage after the children's story and the gingerbread house. We have to wait for Hallowe'en for the witch, though!

This building is The Heritage Condos. The people that live here have huge balconies. I've been in a couple of the condos here and they are beautiful.



Main Street at night from the State House steps. Main Street is being beautified also and parts of the street are closed for renovation. The Southtrust Building (tallest in South Carolina) is at the far left.


This is the Marion Street Highrise, apartments for senior citizens and run by the Columbia Housing Authority.

More First Citizens construction.

This is the Nickelodeon Theatre and Immaculate Consumption Restaurant, two of my favorite places in Columbia. Nickelodeon specializes in foreign films, art films, gay and lesbian films and other minority works which may not be big enough hits to show at mainstream theatres.

This is the old Tapp's Department Store downtown. It is now apartments.

This is the Rutledge Building downtown on Senate Street. It houses the SC Department of Education and I've always liked its marble exterior.

This is the Seibels House, the second oldest home still standing in Richland County (1791, I believe). It is now used for parties and receptions. A wedding reception was being held there when I took this picture. The oldest is a log cabin that was moved from the Earlewood Park area to Sesquicentennial State Park. Link here: http://www.discoversouthcarolina.com/stateparks/parkdetail.asp?PID=469 

The park is affectionately known as "Sesqui" and is a good place for paddle boating and hiking. Spring and Fall are the best times to visit. Summer is too hot and humid for me. 

Senate Plaza Condos and the fountain in the center of Senate Street.


Main Street construction.

The State House at night.

This is the "Swiss Style" house I referred to earlier. Hansel and Gretel's cottage is behind it.

This is "The Edisto" Apartments in 5 Points, one of the finest art deco structures in Columbia. The apartments are totally awesome. Some friends of mine used to live there.

The famous gamecock.

The leaning Cornell Arms. I thought the camera was level!

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral downtown.

Apartments across from Claire Tower.

A number of new townhouses are being constructed between 5 Points and USC.



More USC Neighborhood townhomes.

I like this little Greek home in the USC Neighborhood.

Another of the many apartment buildings in the USC neighborhood.

Another vantage of the Greek style home near USC.

USC neighborhood.

The USC indooor practice fieldhouse, it's huge!

Downtown and USC from a distance.

Wilshire House Condos. I like this design.


More will follow.