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Columbia from above

Brandon Davis, my friend and photographer extraordinaire, recently took some pictures from atop the Capitol Center in Columbia, the tallest building in South Carolina. He is a photographer for The Gamecock, USC's student newspaper, and he does a great job finding places to take photos.

This is the Capitol Center from the ground, at the corner of Assembly and Gervais Streets in Columbia.

This shows part of the Vista area with the Adluh Flour Mill on the left.

This is a bird's eye view of Assembly Street

This is Assembly Street looking south towards Williams-Brice Stadium, which can faintly be seen in the distance.

A closeup of the Bank of America Tower and Jefferson Square

This picture is looking northwest towards the 2 Bellsouth Buildings on Huger Street, part of Riverfront Park and the original Columbia Water Works, which are still operational. At the far left of the photo you can see where grading work is progressing at Canalside.

This is looking east at Mather Hall, the tallest building at Benedict College, one of 2 HBCU's in Columbia.

This is the building (center) that Capitol Places will be adding 2 floors to and converting to the Vsion Condominiums; currently commercial tenants are in the process of moving out. I believe this building was built in 1949 or 1950. You can see Benedict College, Allen University, Providence Hospital and Middleborough Condominiums in the distance.

This is Bridgepointe Condominiums located on the West Columbia side of the river.

This is Carolina Walk, one of the "Cockominiums" being built in the stadium district.

This is the Colonial Center, USC's basketball arena, from the air.

This is the Columbia Convention Center from the air.

The State House dome from above.

The Federal and the VA Buildings downtown.

Finlay Park; some of the retaining walls are being replaced.

Gervais Street.

Governor's Hill and the Pavilion Towers Apartments.

The Granby Mill Apartments renovation.

The Olympia Mill Apartments renovation and the quarry behind it.

The Hilton Hotel and Parking Garage under construction next to the Convention Center.

The Lady Street beautification project is nearly complete.

This is a long distance shot of Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia.

Looking east you can see (l-r) the edge of the Meridian Building, the new First Citizens Building and NBSC (bottom) and the Keenan (Merrill Lynch) Building. 

This is looking north along Assembly Street.

This is part of Main Street looking north.

Memorial Park in the Vista.

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille"; the recently built Meridian Building.

More Main Street.

The Palmetto Builting (1912) is being renovated into a Sheraton Boutique Hotel to be opened in spring 2007.

looking northeast.

The Palmetto Center, Columbia's 2nd tallest building.

Looking southeast at Senate Street, part of USC and Five Points.

The south part of USC's campus.

Williams-Brice Stadium.

The State House and the main part of USC's campus. Darn the window glare.

A bird's eye view of the State House.

The Township.

The upper part of the Vista.