Green Power

Review by Schaleina

This book, Green Power, is truly an exciting page-turner from beginning to end. The author captured my thoughts and attention through his brilliant characters, plots, and sub plots.  He took me from the picket line to open farmland, under the microscope, and into a firestorm of bullets.  The plot was a web spinning masterpiece with lots of unexpected twists and turns, love and loss.  The author's intimate knowledge of microscopic bacteria and the medical and technical study of them comes through clearly in the saga played out by his main character, Dr. Ray Pendleton.  This author ranks highly with some of the best medical thriller authors that I have read.  I give this book a five star.  Excellent!


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Finished it today, and give it a thumbs up! It has elements of an action thriller, environmental thriller, romance novel, and tear jerker in one spot. Almost historical because almost all of it takes place in 1989, with a short chapter at the end bringing us up to the present.
Well done, and recommended reading for those who like to read a mix of science fact, action and romance, and a little 1980s history in dramatic fiction. Well developed characters, and even though we know the answers to parts of the medical thriller and crime drama, it is fun to have the various characters find the answers.

There are a few points of slight errors, but nothing serious enough to take away from a great reading book. The expertise of the microbiology science more than made up for that. Five Stars!

Posted by: Johny Electriglide

Goodreads Review by Sam Shove

Just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The action sequences and characters are well written and the technical sections are easy to read and understand. It raises some interesting questions about the use of alternative renewable energy supplies (in the case the small scale use of methane for energy production) instead of larger scale projects and the role of the media in informing and thus determining the public perception of such schemes. The effects of public demonstrations are also touched upon with both sides using these, in one instance to show support for the use of alternative energy and in the other against them. A very interesting and thought provoking read.

Review by Dom Tauler (CSI fan)

In this devilish absorbing novel, a nenowned microbiologist, Dr. Ray Pendleton, is one of the most admirable presences in a medical thriller. From protests to methane digesters, from Delta Valley militiamen and the incredibly sinister Dirk Hendrickson, to Lodi dairies and a Van Halen concert, and back again....this is a page burner, and worthy of five stars.

Enjoyable Read - D. Corbett

I very much enjoyed reading this book. It had a lot of good scientific information written in a way that was easy to understand and follow. The plot was engaging and kept me waiting to find out what happen next! If you like contemporary topics with a bit of intrigue, you will enjoy this book. 

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