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Favourite tube of choice - I'm using one by Keith Garvey which I love!
For more info on Garv's gorgeous tubes - visit PTE

Wordart by me - HERE
 (Not to be used for any other purpose except when creating your tags
ie. Not for PSP supplies, no other tutorials, no kits etc)
I have uploaded and hosted this wordart on this website so you shouldn't have
any problems when getting it - however, if you get a page of text
come up instead of the wordart download (!) try using either Google Chrome
or IE when viewing this site and you should find the download happens with no probs

Rounded Rectangle and Heart Preset Shape - both should come with your PSP program

Ornate Shape - I used one by Shawna which
you can get from her gorgeous collection HERE
or use a favourite one of choice
FILTERS needed...

Mehdi Kaleidoscope 2.1  - free filter
Xero Graphics Radiance - free filter

Xenofex 2 Stain - not free

Mura Meister Copies - free filter
Use your search engine to find these if you don't already have them in your stash

This is a tutorial for more experienced tag makers as you'll be making your playing card from scratch :)
So, this isn't really suitable for taggers who are template only/copy and paste fans.  
However, if you're game to do something a little on!



Open a New Image - 700 x 600 pixels (Resolution: 72 dpi)

In your Materials Palette, have the top colour box on Nil and the 

bottom box on #f8f6f7 (Off White)

Go to Preset Shapes Tool

Find Rounded Rectangle (comes as standard I believe?)

Draw out a card shape

Use your checkerboard background as a guideline

Starting with the left of a dark square, start your shape and make 

your shape go along horizontally at least 7 dark squares across and finish

on the right of the white square one after that

Hope that makes sense?

Or in pixel size terms, it's about 228 across and 357 down :)


Layers, Convert to Raster

So there's our starting point

Edit, Copy the card shape

Edit, Paste as a new IMAGE

Minimize for now

Right, back to our main canvas

and on this one

Selections All

Selections, Float

Selections, Defloat

(Don't forget to Defloat)

Selections, Modify, Contract by 30

Selections, Load/Save Selection, Save Selection to Alpha Channel, Save


Add a New Layer

Floodfill this selection with Black (or a darkish colour of choice)

Keep Selected

Selections, Modify, Contract by 1

Hit Delete on the floodfill layer

Selections None


Now open your chosen tube


and Paste as a New Layer 


Resize your tube if needed - I went down 90%

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen when resized if needed


Go to Mehdi, Kaleidoscope 2.1

And apply my settings as below


Once applied

Take your Rectangle Selection Tool

Cut out the right hand side duplication of the tube effect


Paste as a New Layer

and place above the other one 

Moving your tubes as needed so you end up with 

a placement like mine - see above

Move both of these tube layers

below the rectangle frame layer

Selections, Load/Save Selections from Alpha Channel, LOAD Selection

and you'll find the Rectangle selection we made earlier

Selections, Invert

and hit Delete on both tube layers

Selection None


Merge the two tube layers together

On the top tube layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00


Xero - Radiance on the default setting


Change the Blend Mode on this top layer to Soft Light

and the Opacity of the layer to 38

Repeat the Selection, Invert, Delete as you'll now have blurred bits of tube on the 

outside of the rectangle area

Now, click on the original tube (the unblurred layer)

Right click in the Layer palette

View, Current Only


Un-hide the blurred layer

and go Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

Right click again and View, All


Activate/Highlight/Make Blue lol! - the Card Layer

Xenofex 2 - Stain

And apply my settings as below...

Adjust to taste if you'd prefer :)

OK so now...

Take a colour (dark) from your chosen tube or you can go with traditional red like I did

And place the colour in your bottom box of your Materials Palette - top colour on Nil/Null/Nothing etc

Find your Heart preset shape

Draw out a smallish heart

Convert to Raster 

and place on the top left of the inner rectangle area to size it up

Convert to Raster

and depending on how large you made your Heart - Resize down so

it fits on the white area of the "card" on the left side edge

I went down by 40% 

But amend this setting to see what yours needs


So once resized

Move over to line up as mine




and line it up once more on the right

Merge these two smaller heart layers together





Line up as needed at the bottom leaving room for the letter

I used - Q for Queen 

in Red, Size 36

Font I used: Special Elite


Line up on the top left

Then repeat the steps for the smaller heart layers

EXCEPT!  Don't do the first Image, Mirror or your letter will be the wrong way round lol!

Just do a Duplicate and move over

So now then

All happy with how it looks?

All spare stuff deleted etc



Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

And that's the front of the card done - yaaaaaaaaay!!

But we're not finished yet - oh no we're not
Perhaps have a break?  A nice cup of tea?  Or plough on...either way lol!


Minimize that canvas for now

and back to the spare one from the beginning - the plain copy image we made

We're making the back of the card!  So, a tip before we start

Make sure that each floodfill has it's own layer and don't deselect

'til we're done :)


So, it's


Canvas Size

600 x 600

Selections, All

Selections, Float

Selections, Defloat


in your Materials Palette - the colour boxes

Top one on Nil, Bottom one make it a colour from your Tube (or the Red from your heart etc)

With your Selection

Modify, Contract, 15

Add New Layer

Floodfill with Colour

Selections, Modify, Contract, 2

Hit Delete

Keep Selected

Modify, 2

Add New Layer

Floodfill with colour again

Modify, Contract by 8

Hit Delete

Keep Selected

Selections, Contract by 1

Add a new Layer

Floodfill again

Selections, Contract by 1

Hit Delete

And now as we did on the previous card

Save the Selection to Alpha Channel

Selections, None (for the moment)



Now you want an ornate shape for the card pattern

I used one of Shawna's - called SK Random 168

Draw your shape out very small using the colour as before

Convert to Raster


Apply Mura Meister Copies to it - use the Tiling Preset

Once applied

Selections, Load/Save Selection, Load Selection from Alpha Channel


and on the pattern layer - hit Delete

Now, once more on the card layer - Apply Xenofex 2 Stain as before


One upturned card

So, Layers, Merge Visible


Edit, Copy

Edit, Paste as a New Layer on the other main large canvas

You can close this 2nd card image now - we don't need it anymore

(or you can save your hard work seperately to use as a card in the future)

Right then...

Firstly, I'm going googly-eyed looking at all that checkboard

so add a new layer at the bottom and floodfill white


Move the tube card over to the left of the canvas a little more

and line your back card up on the right

reasonably central to the tag canvas middle


Click on the tube card in the Layer Palette to activate it


Hide the bottom copy


Move this duplicate to the middle of the canvas 

then move down to the bottom right a little

(We need room to apply this next filter)

and then go to Mura Meister Copies and look for Cards preset (!)

And apply the default

So, we don't want it touching the sides

If yours is in your Mura's preview - don't apply

Hit Cancel

Go back to your card

Move the card a little then

Try to apply again

When you've got it so there's 8 cards

and neither side is touching the canvas edge - Bingo!



Unhide the original tube card

Move up the canvas

and line up the layers as mine showing

OK so now do the same for the other card we made - duplicate first

then do as before




Move down the canvas to place as mine

and unhide the back card

and move to the top

Compare your tag to mine and see how it's looking


Good - on we go...

Copy and Paste your tube


on the Duplicate one

Adjust, Brightness and Contrast

-255 and 0

It's black!

Move it slightly over to the right of your tube


Move it under your tube in the Layer Palette

and drop the Opacity to 30



Open the wordart I've supplied (you know the score by now, ladies and gents - please

do not use this wordart I've made for any other purpose except your tagmaking - thank you xx)

Copy and Paste

Place behind the tube and shadow layer as mine

And then finally

Add your Name in a font of choice (to use the same as mine?  It's Engravers MT)

and apply a subtle shadow to your name

Add your artist copyright info etc

Delete the white background

Crop the excess

and save your tag as a PNG

All done!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making tags for you and your friends
Hopefully, this will give me the tut writing taste once more and I'll see you soon

This tutorial was written on the 8th of March 2012 by Vix

It is a tutorial written as I went along this morning

and any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

Any items created by me for the purposes of this tutorial MAY NOT be used in

any other tag tutorials or for PSP Supplies you create (wordart, brushes, masks, templates, kits)

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