Vintage Football Autographs

from leather helmets to the "golden years"--1920s thru 1960

Ed "U-Lee" Ulinski  (1919-2006)

Guard—(Marshall) Second Air Force Superbombers 1944; Cleveland Browns 1946-49 [Little All-American 1940]

I thought if you gave me an equal opportunity to make the team I could, and I did.  I was with a good coach, Paul Brown. There was no horse playing with him.  I thought I would have a better chance with the Browns because everybody was starting from scratch.  Also, the money was better. The Browns offered me $3,500. The Lions wanted to give me $125 a game.

    Ed Ulinski,  on his offers to play with the Browns and Lions

Ulinski printed his name on a questionnaire that I sent him in December 1992. 

Frank Umont  (1918-1991)

Tackle—New York Giants 1943-45; Jersey City Giants (AFL) 1946-47

Umont was an American League umpire for 20 years. Umont, who retired after the 1973 season, worked four World Series, four All-Star Games, and an AL Championship series. But his use of eyeglasses late in his career was more widely known than his work and made him an object of ridicule from bench jockeys and fans.  Before becoming an umpire, Umont was a 220-pound tackle for the NFL's New York Giants from 1943 to '45. He did not go to college.

Louis J. "Luke" Urban  (1898-1980)

End—(Boston College) Buffalo All Americans 1921-23, Buffalo Bisons 1924, Rock Island Independents 1926 [All-American 1920]

Never was Urban boxed out.  His catches were miraculous . . . in his meteoric career at BC.
    Nathaniel Hasenfus

Dominic "Nick" Vairo  (1913-2002)

End—(Notre Dame) Green Bay Packers 1935

I've played against a lot of good hard hitting men and also the other kind.  My philosophy was that a dirty player admits his opponent is better than he is.
    Dominic Vairo

John Vesser  (1900-1996)

End—(Idaho) Los Angeles Wildcats 1926, Chicago Cardinals 1927,1930-31

Johnny Dell Isola would get up in the morning and run all through the place stark naked. Johnny was like that, you see. That was his way of opening every day.
    John Vesser, on the Giant’s
    training camp at Blue Hills
    Country Club in Pearl River, N.Y.

Joe "The Toe" Vetrano  (1918-1995)

Halfback/Punter/Place Kicker—(Southern Mississippi) Fourth Air Force Fliers 1944-45; San Francisco 49ers 1946-50

A star tailback at Southern Mississippi, Vetrano played for the 49er team that joined the All-America Football Conference in 1946. He kicked a league-record 108 straight points after touchdown. After four years with the 49ers, he served the team as an assistant coach and chief scout.

He is buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California

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