Vintage Football Autographs

from leather helmets to the "golden years"--1920s thru 1960

Ernie "The Blond Antelope" Caddel  (1911-1992)

Back—(Stanford) Portsmouth Spartans 1933, Detroit Lions 1934-38   [All-American 1931, All Pro 1935]

Note: See entry for Crazy Legs Hirsch for an explanation about this signed pencil sketch.

Fred Carideo (1911-2002)

Fullback—(Notre Dame)

This Art Krenz cartoon appeared in newspapers in October 1935.  Fred's cousin, Frank Carideo, was All-American Notre Dame quarterback. Fred was a running back for Notre Dame from 1933-35 and was a veteran of WWII and D-Day.

John "Cutz" Cavosie  (1908-1995)

Fullback/Defensive Back—(Butler) Portsmouth Spartans 1931-33

John "Chick" Chickerneo  (1917-1995)

Back—(Pittsburgh) New York Giants 1942; Maxwell Field Marauders 1944

Cassiano, Goldberg and Stebbins still give me the business that they accounted for 11 blocks and all I had to do was run.  But the way I remember it is that I kept zigging and zagging as tackler after tackler just bounced off my legs.
    John Chickerneo, a member of the Dream Backfield, on a game
     against Wisconsin in 1938 when he
     ran 71 yards for a touchdown
     out of a punt formation.


John ''Chick'' Chickerneo was the blocking quarterback in Pitt's famed Dream Backfield in the late 1930s.  Chickerneo, a burly man who would rather throw a block than a forward pass, opened holes for fullback Marshall Goldberg and halfbacks Dick Cassiano and Harold ''Curly'' Stebbins.  The foursome, who played under legendary coach Dr. John Bain ''Jock'' Sutherland, compiled a cumulative record of 25 wins, three losses and two ties from 1936 to 1938.  Chickerneo's teams won national championships in 1936 and in 1937, when Pitt had nine wins and a tie. His 1936 Pitt team defeated Washington, 21-0, in the Rose Bowl.  After he graduated from Pitt with a degree in petroleum engineering, he spent two years in South America as an engineer. He played quarterback briefly with the New York Giants and then spent three years in the Army Air Corps.  He returned to football in 1949, spending two years at Pitt as an assistant coach.

Frank "Chris" Christensen  (1910-2001)

Back—(Utah) Detroit Lions 1934-37 [All-American (UPI) 1932]

Frank Christensen was the blocking back—that was the quarterback in the single wing on most teams.
    Dutch Clark


This Don McKenzie cartoon appeared in 1932. Christensen is credited with scoring 13 points in 13 seconds in a game against Colorado College, an amazing feat memorialized in Ripley's Believe It or Not. I also have a Christensen-signed Tom Paprocki cartoon that appeared in newspapers in November 1932. Watch for excerpts from an interview I did with Frank in Salt Lake City on 11 August 1990 forthcoming on this website. 

George “Moose” Connor  (1925-2003)

Tackle/Linebacker—(Holy Cross, Notre Dame) Chicago Bears 1948-55 [All-American 1942,1946-47, Outland Award 1946, College Football Hall of Fame 1963; Pro Football Hall of Fame 1975]

The Cardinals always loved playing the Bears. I played center once against George, their great linebacker. We had a grand time going at each other, then walked off the field laughing and joking.
    Jerry Groom


This Tom Paprocki cartoon appeared in newspapers in November 1946.  He is buried in All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois.

Les "Red" Corzine  (1909-2003)

Back—(Davis & Elkins) Cincinnati Reds 1933-34, St. Louis Gunners 1934, New York Giants 1935-37, Chicago Bears 1938

I attended Davis & Elkins college 1929-1933, signing with Cincinnati, a new franchise deal in 1933.  The franchise was sold to the St. Louis Gunners and I was one of 7 players who had to go with the franchise.  My contract was picked up by the Giants for the 1935 season and I remained with the Giants through the 1937 season at which time my contract was purchased by the Chicago Bears. . . .  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THIS LETTER SENT TO ME BY LES CORZINE IN 1989

In this 4-page letter dated 22 December 1989, Corzine reviews his career. When he was with the Giants, his son was their mascot.  There is a memorial in Eternal Hills Memorial Park, Oceanside, California.

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