Vike's Complete Guide to Building a Spyder Pump



Most of this tutorial came from my experiences while building my own Spyder Pump.  However, I borrowed some (but definitely not all) of this information from various places around the internet to fill in the blanks in this tutorial.  You helped me so I am giving you due credit!  


First of all, let me say that there are several ideas to be found on the internet that tell how to build a Spyder Pump marker in some way, shape or form.  This information is very good!  In fact, I used one to build the Spyder Pump that this site is showcasing and that is being used as the primary example.


However, I felt all those tutorials were missing something.  Either they jumped some steps, or they started on the premise that you were already to a certain stage in the development of your own Spyder Pump, or that you knew exactly what was being said, whatever – they all just felt like they lacked something.  So, I decided that since I'm a guy who loves the game and to tinker with markers, I’m also a teacher who loves to help and teach people, and what better way to help others than write a page of my own?  As such, this is a rather long piece, detailing almost every step in the making of a Spyder Pump, from making the decision to build to getting the marker anodized when it's all finished, hopefully making this the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide available on the internet.  Some of it may be dry, but I really tried making it interesting!


Enough of the This is why I feel I must write one of these although a person can find all this stuff elsewhere, BS!


To let you know how this is going to go, I’m going to take you through the steps that I went through to decide to build one of these beasts.  This is going to assume that you know absolutely NOTHING about this subject.  Whatever you might want to know – here’s where you’ll find it.  Have fun, and I hope you learn something!


Important legal-sounding type talk


*Before we get started, this is a public site, and honestly, the public doesn’t understand our basic desire as paintball players to sink so much money into building and buying paintball markers.  And, whether Joe Paintball cares to admit it or not, paintball players do little to explain it to the average, run-of-the-mill person who knows nothing about paintball.   This is mainly directed to those with parents, and to parents in general to quell public outrage as to why I’m teaching Junior how to build a “weapon” and possibly contributing to teenage delinquency.  I am not, nor have I ever, encouraged children to use this sport as a terrorist activity, nor to use their markers in anger and away from a field without proper protective equipment with supervision in a purpose other than what the game was developed to entail.  From now on, I’m going to refer to the gun as a marker as it “marks” the player with paint, or just as a Spyder Pump.  It is NOT a gun, as it does not fire bullets, but rather propels paint-filled capsules with the purpose breaking on the opposing player and "marking" him as out.  Think of it as a game of long distance tag!


**If you choose to follow this tutorial, I will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with your gun or any injury to person or persons as a result of this tutorial.  Any attempts to modify any marker in any fashion will void the warranty. Liability of personal injury and property damage is not the mistake of the originator of articles.


OK, Let’s get started!  Feel free to skip any part you don’t want to read – I’m long winded and tend to type a lot to make it sound better.  At least to me, it does!  Use the navigation bar to the left to go whereever it is you'd like to go.  Feel free to come back at anytime and check out what's new.


Only thing I ask is if you use any of the information found on this site, please credit the right people - either myself, or the people I borrowed it from (these people will be credited at the time).