VI Callaloo Poets

Poems from The Caribbean

V.I. Callaloo: Poems from the Caribbean

Callaloo is a tasty Caribbean dish that is high in nutrients and flavor. Callaloo, which is similar to Pepperpot, is a ‘cookup’ of spinach or dasheen and other leafy vegetables, okra, peppers, onions, the usual seasonings and the ‘salt thing’ of your choice. Some of us remember Callaloo sometimes including fried fish, salted pork and ground provisions which makes this dish a complete meal.

The idea for this book came about from the Callaloo concept – a complete meal with different flavors. There are eighteen poets included in this compilation. Each poet has a unique writing style that offers the nutrients that make this pot flavorful and complete. V.I. Callaloo consists of poems of love, awareness, community involvement and culture. Some of the poems are written partially in
Caribbean dialect.


We hope that you enjoy our poetry as each piece came with love and inspiration from the higher heights.

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