Neo Geo AES Stereo Modification

Due to the consumer TV market in the early 90's/late 80's, many video game systems failed to have stereo audio output.  The Neo Geo AES was such a system, and while it is easy to pull audio lines from the stereo headphone jack, this is good to get a solid line level audio output for your TV:

Look at the front of the unit for a chip labelled "YM3061" on the PCB.  This is the DAC that makes a usable stereo output which is then fed to the uPC4741 chips for amping (and eventually on to the headphone port). Simply attach wires to pins 9 and 10 of this chip for full stereo line level output.  Note,
I was informed by Neo-expert Jeff Kurtz that there is a small problem with this modification.  The Yamaha sound CPU also outputs a mono channel used for coin chimes and some other small sound quirks that this mod does not cover.  Not having an AES console I can't do much about it now so please consult him or other Neo heads on how to add this.

Here are the solder points