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Training, physiology, nutrition, etc.

Amit Ghosh's personal site has many helpful articles.

Arnie Baker Cycling

Association of British Cycling Coaches

Coaches' Corner at

Cycling Performance Tips

Fitness and nutrition information at and

No fluff here the Cycle-Smart, Peaks Coaching Group, and Wenzel Coaching sites all offer many useful articles

Dotsie Bausch (nee Cowden) has thoughtfully included numerous links related to eating disorders at her personal web site

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Masters' Athlete Physiology & Performance

Peak Performance has a plethora of excellent artices.  And besides a plethora, there are lots of 'em, too! 

Some useful facts from Trevor Lea on nutrition and the cardiovascular system (archived site)

Sportscycology (archived site)

Sports Information Resource Centre



Supplement Watch

The UMCA web site offers many training articles

Smart Training articles at (archived site)

Training tips from the VeloNews and Voler (archived) web sites


Peer-review Journals and Scholarly Resources

American Journal of Physiology (articles in press)

Journal of Applied Physiology

Journal of Exercise Physiology

Publications of The Physiological Society, including The Journal of Physiology

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (abstracts only)

The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online

National Library of Medicine’s PubMed search engine


Other Technical Links

Aerodynamics of Bicycles (adapted from Scientific American); Bicycles and Aerodynamics, by Rainer Pivit

Analytic Cycling,, and Machinehead Software sites for calculating bicycle power

Archive for

Basis Systeme netzwerk for cycling, including some wheel aerodynamics data

John Cobb’s Bicycle Sports, a shop in Texas, has much good information (archived site here)

Bicycle Wheel Performance by Kraig Willett (archived site) Who’s your coach?

BikeTech review  Bike tune-up, repair, and much more

Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care

The Cyclotherapist

Damon Rinard’s Bicycle Tech Site, including a voluminous selection of links

Data analysis sites: Prophet, DataFit, and Wolfram Research

Exploratorium’s Science of Cycling  (Exercise Prescription) An internet-based resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast

FixMeUp!  (archived site)

Hardcore Bicycle Science

Karen Brems’ (nee Kurreck) Training Tips (archived), plus more from the Alto Velo site

Manufacturer’s links from the United Bicycle Institute site

Nutritional information for junk food

Performance Conditioning for Cycling

Pete’s BikIndex Tech Pages (archived site)

An examination of pedal forces, by Bart van der Schans

Pete & Ed’s Books

Putting on a Race offers numerous useful race-related articles

Roger Marquis’ Cycling Page

Sheldon Brown: articles and links

Spinergy Accident Reporter (archived site)

Tech Smart  articles at (archived site)

Tubular tire adhesive performance (archived site)

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