Vanderhoness Custom Horses

Pintos and Appaloosas

Here are my pintos and appaloosas that I have already sold.


Palomino Appy foal. Breyer Mini Whinny. Painted September 2012. Sold to Jessica H. 

 Black Leopard Appaloosa. Schleich. Painted August 2012. Owned by Taylor S. 


Light Chestnut Pinto. Breyer Mini Whinny. Painted January 2012. Owned by Jessica H. Live shown.

 Black pinto. Schleich. Painted July 2009. Owned by Taylor S. Live shown.


Black blanket Appaloosa. Unknown make of horse. Painted: About March 2009. Owned by Julian H.


 Chestnut Pinto. Schleich. Painted: March 2009. Owned by Hope D.


 Black Sabino. "FCE Black Silk" Grand Champion Mini. Painted: Late August 2008. Owned by Rusty G.


 Black Sabino. "WMF Milky Way" Bullyland. Painted: July 2008. Commission for Nora H. Photo by Nora H.


 Black Sabino. "WMF Splish Splash" Bullyland. Painted: July 2008. Commission for Nora H. 



 Black Sabino. Breyer Classic on Sombra mold. Painted: May 2009. Owned by Rusty G.