Vanderhoness Custom Horses

Duns and Dilutes

These are duns and dilutes (palomino, buckskin, etc.) that have already been sold.


 Palomino Draft Stallion. Schleich. Commission piece for Courteney F. Painted: January 2009. 

 Dunskin. "VHS Fearless Spitfire" Unknown Horse. Painted: Early (February?) 2008. Part of my collection, he is one of my very first CM's and not very good. I keep him around to remind myself not to rush! LOL He is holding his own in small photo shows though.

 Palomino. "WMF Nippy" Grand Champion Mini. Painted: May 2008. Owned by Nora H. Photo by Nora H.


 Dun. Unknown make. Painted: October 2008. Owned by Gabriel J.