Vanderhoness Custom Horses

Chestnuts and Bays

These are my chestnut and bay horses who have already been sold.

 Chestnut. "VHS Carmel Kiss" Bullyland. Painted: Early(February?) 2008. Part of my showstring. He is one of my first CM's. As you can see he has deep gouges in his side (he was a toy that survived 15 years of being roughed up before I repainted him), I sanded them down but they are not gone. He still photo shows well though.


 Chestnut. "WMF King" Grand Champion Micro Mini. Painted: May 2008. Owned by Nora H. Photo by Nora H.

 Light Chestnut Bullyland colt. Owned by Rusty G. Painted: December 2008.


Bay. "VHS Badra Ameera" Breyer Mini Whinnie. Painted: May 2008. Part of my showstring. She took 2nd for her first photo show placing! She has continued to win.


Bay. Unknown plastic horse. Painted: October 2008. Owned by Rusty G.