Vanderhoness Custom Horses

Blacks and Fantasy

These are my black or fantasy horses who have been sold.


Wedgewood Blue Sabino. Breyer Stablemate. Painted June 2013. Owned by Sarah M. 


Dark Purple. Schleich Horse and Fairy. Painted January 2010. Owned by Lizzie M. 


Black. "VHS Heaven Xent" Safari Ltd. Painted: Early(February?) 2008. Part of my showstring. Good photo shower.


Purple and green. "Kudarung" Breyer Mini Whinnie. Painted: Late November 2008. Will be part of my show string. Not yet shown.


 Black. Safari Ltd. Painted: October 2008. Owned by Rusty G. Photo and live shown.


Black. Unknown brand. Painted: May 2009. Owned by Leslie C. Photo and Live shown.


 Blue. Grand Champion Mini. Painted: August 2008. Owner: Lupine A.