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Meet the Majaducon's  (2 Decades in Davao City)


Host Pastor

Rev. Wilfredo Cajilig Majaducon                                                               

 Southern Mindanao District Presbyter, Executive Board Member - UPC Philippines, Former National Radio Broadcast Head, Vice-President of Apostolic Institute of Ministries.

Serving the Ministry for 35 years now and established more than 15 Churches in Southern Mindanao District and from other rural areas, And Pastor Wilfredo "Willy" Majaducon is continuing his burden of having established Churches here in Davao and to Rural areas in Southern Mindanao District. truly an  Anointed, Faithful, Ferocious, Fiery preacher from Davao City.

This Preacher has gone to mountains to those indigenous people conducting revival crusade and teaching them about Christ. As a  result, Many were Baptized in the spirit and in Water Baptism, Also many received their healing, deliverance and miracles. Pastor Willy's preaching rocked Davao City with his tremendous anointing and the WORD that is coming from God. The Ministry Does not Stop there, By God's Grace, he was also invited to be a preacher in Asia particularly in Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore. he was also invited as a preacher in Northern America particularly in the state of Canada And lastly in different state in America.

Truly God is Anointing and Blessing this once a farm Boy and Now a preacher. his preaching has blessed many filipinos, Asians, Canadians and American's in all forms of living.

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Comments from Bro. Jeff Mallory......

The last night was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!........To start off the day we split up,.. and went to different churches,..I was to preach for Bro. Majaducon. He decided to have his service in the building we were having the crusade in. It's a good thing,..we had a little over 2000 for the sunday morning service. We had 69 receive the Holy Ghost this morning,....the intensity the Lord moved with is indescribable. What a move of the Lord!!!! They moved the service up till 6:00 this evening, rained really hard again,..we believed the Lord for it not to hurt our crowds......It didn't!!! The building was pacted with what was estimated at 6000 people. The Holy Ghost moved on the crowd,.....there was to many to answer the altar call, they prayed where they were. We had 230 receive the Holy Ghost tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Praise The Lord"!!!!! That was a total of 299 today alone,..and 483 total that we have documentation on. The Lord is soooo GOOD!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!