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Welcome To The United Coven.                                 


 ♦This is our Twilight Fan site. We call it the united coven. Why? Because we are a Vampire and Werewolf organization. Would you like to join the forbidden partnership? We welcome you.♦

 The point of this site is to keep the excitement going even after the last book and the movie are released, we would never want to forget the way we screamed when Bella woke up in Edwards arms, or how we cried when Edward left Bella, and how can we forget the lovable pack?

 So join our crazy unique Twilight fan site! ♦And please don't forget to sign our guest book ♦

 Updates: New Layout! Check it out. 


 Twilight News:They are reshowing some scenes for Twilight! adding a "flashback scene"  and "beefing up some shots"



The date for the  movie Twilight has been changed to November 21, 2008 the same date as the Harry Potter movie! One less day to wait! 

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