Undeniable Proof Paranormal Investigations

Rules Of Investigation

1. No Smoking during an investigation.

2. No Drinking alcohol before or during an investigation.

3. In a case that is inside a house of good condition, it is okay for a member to go into a room alone to investigate. If the house is in deplorable condition, or we are outside and in a far distance from one another we must stay paired up for safety.

4. Keep your feelings in check, your a paranormal investigator. If the night is going slow keep it to yourself, If you get scared hold out and wait, or walk out calmly for a few minutes.

5. The way you behave and act shows the way the group does as a whole. So always be professional and courteous at all times.

6. Keep a log of times that things happen, as well as logging noises which may hinder the EVP recordings.

7. Make sure all the equipment is ready in advance for any investigation.

8. Anything we take into an investigation must also come back out.

9. Never touch, move, or disturb anything at a site. Nothing there is yours so don't mess with it. It's common sense.

10. Always have a signed permission slip for any site we are at on hand at all times. And keep someone designated to talk to anyone who may come and question what we are doing.

11. Keep paperwork together and easy to access. So evidence review, as well as setting up appointments and investigations run smoothly.

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