Undeniable Proof Paranormal Investigations

Investigations 2008

Xenia Residence-

1/19/08- Residence in Xenia, Ohio. Searched most of the house and for the most part we only felt unexplainable cold spots. Basically we looked for about 3-4 hours and only came up with one piece of hard evidence. There was too much sound pollution to get anything on the digital voice recorder. We had one piece of video, we had a light pointed at a bookcase, And as we were walking out a shadow crossed the light and there was no one in front of any light source to cause that shadow. Hopefully we can upload it on here for everyone.



1/28/08- Residence North Hampton, Ohio.

This one went well, although it was merely preliminary. We had EMF spikes as well as well as possible EVP's. We will do a more in depth investigation on another date.

Price Case

07/02/08- We did a short equipment check and run through at the home of our founder. Nothing came up it was a warm up to get ready for future investigations.

Clifton Cemetary

07/15/08- We had 2 investigations, one during the day and one at night. We had a few personal experiences, like footsteps, a shadow, and emf spikes. The pictures are so far inconclusive there is possible orbs and things but nothing to run off of. We have gathered 3 EVP's on our evidence page. Also after the EVP's were heard by the caretaker (Sorry if thats not what you are) He told us the singing one actually fits because where the mosaleum is now used to be the site of a church. And when we heard the EVP we said that sounded like a hymnal type of song. When we uploaded it it sounded less graceful and more deep but has the same effect.

Private Residence Spring Valley, Ohio

7/23/08- We investigated this residence and found alot of EMF fluctuations even with all the power shut down. Alot of it was unusable as evidence except one instance where the EMF was moving, and could be followed around the room and then was finally lost. The pictures produced alot of orbs/dust unsure of which as of right now. But they will be on our myspace later on. We caught 2 EVP's which are on the evidence page.

Clifton Cemetary 2

07/26/08- We came back to look for more evidence, we heard a scream that sounded like a woman yelling help. We heard what sounded like kids playing where there were clearly none, as well as a EMF fluctuation. And to end it perfectly Patrick lost our thermometer lol. 2 EVP's.

Private Residence Cedarville Ohio

07/27/08- Decently small investigation not a whole lot of room to cover. But no evidence after review.

Private Residence Springfield Ohio

08/23/08- We got to go on an investigation with Midwest Paranormal Researchers to a residence in Springfield. There were a few odd pictures that went black for no reason that can be seen on our myspace as well as MPR's. No real feelings on our part no odd readings that i know of either. But it was a short investigation, and we went as in depth as we could there just wasn't a large area to investigate. But we got to meet an awesome group that we will hopefully continue to work with. So it was a pretty good one. Pictures are on the myspaces and EVP's will be up probably on their website soon if there are any. www.midwest-paranormal-researchers.com

Private Residence Wilmington Ohio

 9-12-08- We did an investigation/training at the old home of our co-founder Lyle. We didn't find anything strange but we helped prepare and meet our new member Jessa. So it was worthwhile, and now we can move on to some better investigations hopefully soon.

Residence- South Charleston

We arrived to the home and got the tour of the hot spots. We checked out the basement and the upstairs bedroom the most, but the downstairs got covered as well, just not as vigorously for lack of feelings, EMF readings etc. The basement gave off a slightly weird feeling but not too bad. The upstairs bedroom seemed to be the most active for EMF readings, sights etc. We had alot of EMF readings in this room, and they seemed to move in and out. They would be strong for 5 minutes in a large area and then be completely gone. We asked questions and seemed to have gotten some answers, Mostly asking us to leave. Do i believe it was an entity? Maybe not but it was odd and there was no reason for the readings. They would move around the room, on us, near us, where the EMF sat by itself untouched. And in the places where you expect EMF readings there was none... I.E. Wires, outlets, etc. So for me thats hard to explain in the realm of scientific thinking it makes no sense. There were feelings of pressure in our heads at different points, 3 of us had feelings of vibration throughout our bodies while on the bed in the room. Sightings were shadows, The room darkening, things blocking out light. We'll be going over the evidence and it will be posted as we gather it. Thanks to the home owner for letting us investigate it was a good investigation.

Investigations 2009 Residence Springfield Ohio

1-22-09 - Not many researchers or investigators have the chance to go back to where it all started, All the questions, the fear, the unknown. But we still own the house where it all started for me and though it has been used as a rental for many years i decided to take a few members back to that place to see if the remnants of my memories were still there or not. Me, Lyle, Jessa and our friend Jaymes went to the house where i grew up and began an investigation. Not long after we walked in we heard noises from the basement which i figured were coming from the heater. As we began to investigate me and Jaymes were in the basement whil Lyle and Jessa were upstairs, While i was doing an EVP session i heard the sound of people running through the house like Lyle and Jessa and gotten scared and ran out. So i ran upstairs to find them in the middle bedroom they had barely walked let alone ran anywhere. We tested their walking and everything and could find no explanation. Later when we switched place Lyle and Jessa heard the same thing and once again their was no reason for it. Their was little to no EMF and temps were pretty constant all night. The only other thing i can't explain is while me and Lyle were in the basement we saw what seemed to be a white figure slowly manifesting in a corner, i shined a light on it and then it was gone. We will be going over the evidence soon and see what we have.

01-24-09 North Hampton Residence

We decided to go back to North Hampton for another EVP Session more than an investigation. We began running the recorder and did some questions and things then left it their for about half an hour. As i was walking back i saw a solid black small figure of some kind move from one bedroom to the next. At first i thought it was the cat and it was not, the cat was downstairs asleep on a bed. After checking the recorder their is a sound at that exact time a female voice again just like what we cought before their. So we need to go over the evidence and see what we have. We are already planning to do this one again but in a full scale investigation which we have yet to do.

4/3/09 Springfield Residence

We were called into action to an apartment friday night by the neighbors of one of our members. The member themself had seen weird things at their apartment, but when the neighbors had the same claims they wanted us to come check it out. Mostly this one dealt with shadows, and weird feelings with in the residence. We also did some work in the basement being that atleast two of the apartments in the building had claims of paranormal activity. We saw shadows following one of our investigators and had a few random EMF spikes in the residence itself. As for the basement we all saw shadows walking outside the room we were in, as well as within the room. Changes in feelings within that actually made two of our investigators uneasy enough to not want to go back in. Now we are going to go over all the audio and for our first time a lot of video and see what we have come up with.

4/24-25 Moonville Tunnel and much more...

Undeniable Proof was invited to a PROS Investigation for the Ohio teams. On the 24th we met up with The Eyes of The Paranormal set up our camp sites and then headed to Moonville tunnel. On our first approach to the tunnel we were astonished by the size of the tunnel and also by how well it was hidden. The tunnel was very exciting mostly because of it's history and also the many drunk people that walk through, or the people who pretend to not notice us investigating and walk through giving loud semi-tours. The first night we also met up with Darke Side Ghost Investigators, i can say these two guys were very passionate about the field and were cool. The only experiences that night seemed to be the light of our camera being blacked out. The next day Eyes of The Paranormal took us to many different locations from Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave, Rock House, Haydenville Tunnel, and Kings Hollow Tunnel, all of which were amazing and we had an awesome guide in Levi from E.O.T.P. After all of this we went back to Moonville Tunnel and this night we met up with Midnight Shadows Paranormal Society, which i can honestly say these guys knew what they were doing and they did an awesome job of getting it done even with another round of inconsiderate drunks. That night we encountered temperature drops, emf spikes in the middle of nowhere, seemingly being touched and M.S.P.S said they had a pair of night vision goggles lifted, dropped and drained of power. There also seemed to be shadow like figures out side the tunnel itself at times. We moved to the Moonville Cemetary after this and again were ran out my inconsiderate drunks. Our last stop for the night was to Hope Furnace and afterward we separated and went on our ways. The next morning we said our goodbyes and headed home. Thanks to everyone we got to work with for having us, especially E.O.T.P. These guys really helped us out and made sure we had a great time, hopefully we will all have more chances to investigate together in the future....

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