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Welcome to Undeniable Proof Paranormal Investigations. Springfield Ohio's Original Proof, That fact is Undeniable. We are a group of people looking for answers to all things paranormal. We want to know why things go bump in the night and whats causing it. We need to identify why, and also what things are going on, especially if they are causing stress or discomfort to other people. If you would like us to investigate a property please contact us immediately. We are from the Springfield Ohio area, and are willing to travel to most places in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, And Eastern Indiana. We do not charge for investigations, but donations are accepted but never expected.

Our cause from day one is and always will be to help people. We don't want to be famous, we don't want to lie to make it look like we're better than we are. We want to help those who need us. If you need help dealing with the paranormal you have come to the right place. Let us know what we can do for you.



If any other group would like to link to our page from their site let us know and we'll do the same. This isn't a competition, paranormal research is a common ground for all groups to come together. Even if we're not the first group to show Undeniable Proof, we'll be the ones looking for it, And appreciate the others who are as well.


 We are looking for things, sights and sounds that cannot be mistaken as anything other than Undeniable Proof. If there is any doubt in our minds of it being paranormal or 100% real and unedited, Then we will not show it. If we put it on our site it is either real, or a questionable piece we need others to review. So please review our pieces, if we get info wrong tell us, if we do something wrong let us know. No group has it all right, but all of them are doing something right.


Our Mission- To help find answers to questions of the paranormal, to help people in trouble or in doubt about their paranormal experiences, and to give the best proof possible to help our field. - Brian Price Of Undeniable Proof








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