Our Role



Spectre is an experienced non-profit organisation dedicated to the study of all areas of Paranormal activity.

Investigations are performed in a scientific and controlled manner.Our primary goal being to record evidence of any unusual activity via technical equipment. A secondary role we perform is research - to collect, catalog and store information on any unusual activity for research purposes.This information is stored on computer database allowing it to be studied and compared with other paranormal reports.

To help achieve this, Spectre employs an experienced and dedicated team. The equipment used varies from the very latest technology to ancient divination tools. Although we have a member who is a sensitive, we are one of the very few paranormal teams that do not frequently use mediums. We rely more on logic, verifiable facts and our equipment to support any evidence gathered. The team has various skills developed from technical knowledge to experiences from previous supernatural encounters.The members all share a professional commitment to their work and a healthy dose of scepticism.

All dealings with clients are conducted in a professional, discreet manner with minimum disruption to their lives.



Our History

After many discussions, Spectre was officially created in the summer of 2004. 

Our goal being not only to find and record supernatural activity using technical equipment, but also to try and discover the causes behind activity.

The team that we field has always been small in size. Although this can mean a great deal of work to be done in larger locations, the benefits are that we trust each other implicitly and know that there is not going to be a large number of people milling around the investigation site, possibly spoiling/tampering with any evidence. The team members all have two major things in common.. Many years of genuine interest in the Paranormal and a real desire to capture solid proof on film.


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