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Bradley the Young Newfoundland

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 Newfies are the BEST dogs in the world with children.  Despite their massive size and strength, they're gentle as gentle can be.  Watch this very funny and sweet video of a baby and his dog (and many other videos here) and you'll see the sweet Gentle Giant in action:




Here are some questions that I'm commonly asked about Bradley:

What kind of dog is he?  Bradley is a Newfoundland.

Will he get any bigger?  Most likely.  Newfoundland males are typically 150-165 pounds.  Bradley currently weighs 120 pounds.

How old is he?  He was born January 30, 2008

Does he eat a lot?  No.  Bradley eats only once a day and about the same amount as a Labrador would eat.

Do you shave him in the summer?  No.  His coat helps keep him cool, just as it keeps him warm, as hard as that is to imagine!

Where did you get him?  Bradley was purchased from a reputable breeder in Bakersfield, CA (Janice Anderson of Anderson Acres)

Does he shed a lot?  In the spring and fall, Bradley leaves fur everywhere!  Newfies have an undercoat that "blows" twice a year. 

Do you have to groom him a lot?  Yes.  Bradley needs to be brushed almost everyday.  He also needs to be bathed at least once a month, which is a big job if I do it myself.  Sometimes I wash him, sometimes I take him to be groomed.

Is it expensive to have him groomed?  Yes.  It costs roughly $100.00 because there's a lot of washing, drying and brushing involved.

Does he get hot in the summer?  Yes.  The summer is especially tough for him because the weather here is so intensely hot.  During the day, he stays inside where it's air conditioned.  Sometimes he'll even sneak into the shower and just lay there, so he'll get maximum relief from the heat.

Do you have a really big yard for Bradley?  Our backyard is big enough for Bradley to run and play, but it's not huge.  Newfoundlands do not require "huge" yards because they're rather sedate.  In fact, many Newfies live in apartments and do just fine as long as their parents take them out for walks and exercise.

Does it worry you that he's so big and your son is still so small?  No.  Bradley is so gentle with Tyler!  Tyler, on the other paw, is the one who gets too rough sometimes. We have complete trust in Bradley as he's proven to be tolerant far beyond any normal expectations of a dog. 





Sherman (what a goof!) 


Sherman has gained on average 16 pounds per month since we've gotten him.  He's going to be a big boy when he's done growing, just like his 100 pound daddy (his biological daddy)  He knows how to "sit" and he's very good at playing ball.  He even lets go of the ball, so it can be thrown again (Pay attention, Bradley!)  Walking on a leash?  Not so great at this at first, but he's an old pro at it now.  Sherman, as it turns out, is a SMART dog and will begin training as a service dog. 

What do we feed these guys?  They eat quite well by most people's standards.  To give you a taste of what their bowls consist of, here's this week's menu:

Monday:  Chicken breast and rice

Tuesday:  Hamburger meat, green beans and pasta

Wednesday:  Chicken liver and rice

Thursday:  Turkey, rice, carrots and green beans

Friday:  Chicken breast, rice, carrots and green beans

Saturday:  Chicken liver, carrots and pasta

Sunday:  Slow cooked chuck roast, carrots, beans and rice

Oddly enough, it's not that much more to prepare their food than it is to buy it ...and it's a lot better for them ...and they LOVE it.  There's always clean bowls from being licked so much.  Then there's the snacks:

Trader Joes's Peanut Butter Snaps

Trader Joe's Puppy Jerky

Beggin' Strips

Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies





 Want to learn a little about just how cool Newfs are?  Check this page out: 





June 4, 2008 


No Broken Crowns with Bradley Around!

Cool thing!  Tyler was climbing down our stairs and this got Bradley's attention.  Apparently, Bradley worried that Tyler would fall, so he climbed up close to where Tyler was and stood with his body was lengthwise to him, so that he would break his potential tumble.  Now this skill isn't something that we've been working on.  This is something that Bradley came up with all by his little (big) puppy self!  We are so impressed with his intelligence and foresight!



Taking a break with a chewy treat.


What's Bradley up to?

About 65 pounds, I'm guessing.  We'll have an exact weight this Friday after Bradley goes to the doctor.  He's getting some more vaccinations and a "once over."   His littermate will be visiting him this week too for some reminiscing, romping and rolling.  I think he's going to really enjoy seeing his brother and playing with him.  It's hard to find other puppies for Bradley to rough house with because of his size, so the only thing I could think of was to get one of his littermates here to play.  Hee-hee, who ever thought I'd be arranging for puppy play-dates?  Tyler's been enjoying watching Bradley play with balls and he'll sometimes throw a ball for him, too.  The main issue is that they both want the balls at the same time, so Tyler gets a little ticked when one of his prized balls is taking off in the mouth of a puppy.  That and when Bradley is feeling bold and tries to leave with a french fry or pretzel.  Tyler's learned to "duck and cover" whenever Bradley comes in and Tyler has his food where Bradley can reach it.  It's quite comical to see the look on Tyler's face and the very quick dive bomb to the floor to protect his pretzels and fries. 

 Good boy, Bradley! 

Bradley receives a treat as a reward for obeying Nikki.

(Hee hee, look at how little Bradley was last summer!!!) 


Sometimes it's tough to train Bradley around Tyler because Tyler thinks that we're talking to him and gets upset if we use the "naaa-uh-uh" (instead of using "no" because "no" is reserved for really unacceptable behaviors in our training regimine)  Anyway, Tyler thinks that we're reprimanding him and will become upset.  Right now we're working on calm behavior around Tyler amongst many other things.  Because of Bradley's size and the fact that he is just a puppy, he needs to quickly learn that when he's around Tyler he must remain mellow, which he does 99% of the time.  During the same training session that is pictured above, the General (Bradley) was told to lay down, which he did.  I asked him "Where's the baby?"  Dang if that dog didn't look right over at Tyler!  Nikki immediately rewarded him with a treat and I was left with my jaw hanging open again.  He's amazing!  Please see the picture below, I actually captured the moment that I asked Bradley the question.  Bradley had a trip to the doctor and I was right!  The General's exactly 65 pounds and healthy too!  We couldn't be happier with him and his progress, thanks to Nikki and great breeding!    She knows how dogs think and understands canine psychology to a remarkable degree.  Her recent claim to fame is her appearance on a new video with "the Dog Whisperer"  She's featured in the puppy training portion of the program.  We're very proud of Nikki for her accomplishments.

"Where's the baby?"


Newfies make great friends and terrible guard dogs:


 Here's Grandma, a proud puppy raiser for Canine Companions, and Yukiko!












 Would you like to be a puppy raiser for Canine Companions (a REALLY great service dog organization)?

Check out their website: http://www.cciarizona.org/Puppy%20Raising.htm